Great Places to go Pokemon Hunting (with your Kids)!

9 Aug , 2016  

Who says parents gotta be all serious and can’t join in the Pokecraze? Just because we have kids doesn’t mean we are fuddy duddies ok! On the same note, just because we are into Pokemon Go doesn’t mean we neglect our kids either! So this is a post for us cool Pokeparents, who take pride in ensuring our kids are happy while catching our pokemon haha. So of course, other than brushing on my Pokeknowledge, I had to check out a few great places where bubs can be entertained and so can we!


Sentosa is a hotspot for Pokemon Go, and with the array of activities available for kids, both adults and kids will be pleasantly entertained! According to a friend who lives in Sentosa, she alone caught 60 varieties of Pokemon, mainly from her home! You can be sure that many people will be placing lures at Pokestops, so be prepared to bring your powerbanks for that day! P/S: Apparently there are quite a few Pikachu, Tentacool, Jynx, Koffing, Mankey amongst others to be caught at Sentosa, so head on there for a fun filled day! PS (USS and RWS are also Pokehotspots)


You know, since having kids, you’ve been hanging out with friends just that little bit less, haven’t you? It’s time to visit your friends with your kids, and let someone babysit your little cherub while you babysit their pokemon and access their pokestops! My MIL’s house can access two pokestops so it’s super shiok! One of them even regularly has lures being released, so it’s extra wonderful. Time to suss out which of your friends’ houses is a Pokehaven, and visit them! (not to mention, it’s so easy to take care of bubs’ needs when you are just in another person’s house!


A chance for your kids to get up close and personal with the different plant types, and all in air-conditioned comfort too! Less known about GBTB is that it has a lovely waterplay area so bring little swimming costumes for your kids, a towel to dry them, and you will be their absolute best friend for that day! There are 5 pokegyms and 62 pokestops, so you can be sure it is a pokefest here!


There is no need to venture too far when your own backyard has so much to offer! Pips was helping his parents to paint the ceiling yesterday, and ahem, to get bubs out of the house, I took him on a walk around the neighbourhood and found that many playgrounds are in fact Pokestops. Not only that, there are constant lures being released, as Playgrounds are also a haunt with the older kids (and we all know how rich kids are these days compared to when I was a kid!) So if your kids are still young like mine, they will have the playground to themselves as the older kids will likely be busy with their phones, and we pokeparents can sit back and pokehunt too, woohoo!


Parks provide ample space for kids to run and there are usually many activity centers within parks to entertain kids, for example, bicycle kiosks, fishing ponds, stone massage footpaths, playgrounds etc. Within parks are many pokestops too, and this will be a great place to spend a chill afternoon picnicking and running around for pokemons, erm, I mean with your kids.

Chinese Garden: Rumoured to have more than 20 pokestops and at least 3 gyms, this place is a haven for Pokehunters! The scenic area and long stretches of nature will be a great place for your kids to run wild, expend their energy, and for you to clock the requisite km needed for egg hatching, woohoo! Spotted are Psyducks, Slowpokes, Magikarps amongst others

East Coast Park: Many pokemons are abound here such as Voltorbs, geodudes and basically, it’s a pokepark! My friend caught a Jigglypuff and Nidoking too, so time to go cycling at ECP!

Punggol Waterway: A beautiful, scenic area with lots of pokestops, Punggol Waterway Park and its surrounding mall and waterway is a natural area to gravitate towards for the pokepapa or pokemama. With the typical young family profile of residents thronging this area, you’d be sure to find many that many Pokestops have lures released by Pokemon players too! Within the Waterway Point Mall, you can also access a few pokestops in air-conditioned comfort, and there is a free indoor playground/play area for kids, plenty of food choices, an outside area with artificial turf where many kids run free and chase after bubbles, so c’est parfait! Dratinis, magikarps, psyducks, horseas are abound here! You can also spot eevees

Botanic Gardens: A beautiful park, with tons of pokestops and gyms! Pokemons that are found here include charlizards,

Yishun Park: Eevees, magikarps, and more!

Taman Jurong Greens Urban Park: 4 pokestops concentrated in a single area, wowee!


Your kids will absolutely adore you if you were to bring them to one of these places! Which kid isn’t fascinated by wildlife, especially in our concrete jungle where we are quite far removed from nature? Wildlife Reserves Singapore has come up with a handy survival guide for all Pokemon trainers, and you can find out more at their facebook page –

If you are a super chiongster and you wanna max your Pokehunting, I mean, maximize your kids’ happiness levels by bringing them to more than one park, there are specially discounted prices for those.  –
All 4 parks (Parkhopper +): Adults – $79, Kids (3 – 12yo) – $59
(includes tram rides at Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and Singapore zoo.
includes Amazon River Quest and River Safari Cruise boat rides at River Safari
includes wild animal carousel ride at Singapore xoo (child ticket only))
All 4 parks: Adults – $69, Kids (3 – 12yo) – $49
2-Park admission:
Jurong Bird Park + Night Safari: Adults – $59, Kids (3 – 12yo) – $39
Jurong Bird Park + Singapore Zoo: Adults – $49, Kids (3 – 12yo) – $29
Jurong Bird Park + River Safari: Adults – $49, Kids (3 – 12yo) – $29
Singapore Zoo + Night Safari: Adults – $30.90, Kids (3 – 12yo) – $20.60
Check out other prices yourself, too many combis lah! But this should give you an idea of the pricing generally!

Jurong Bird Park: Home to birds, tons of Pokestops and 4 Pokegyms, Jurong Bird Park is a fab place to bring your kids to!
Singapore Zoo and Night Safari: 1 Pokegym each, tons of pokestops!
River Safari: 2 Pokegyms here, tons of pokestops!

spawn place for eevees!

Vivocity: We need no introduction to how kid-friendly this mall is, what with the big outdoor play area, as well as the river boating (top level, if you haven’t checked it out before!). There are indoor playgrounds (needa pay!) for kids, while Marche has a free playground in their restaurant too. Best of all Vivocity  is also home to many pokestops and you can see people walking around with their phones catching pokemons  everywhere haha! Spotted are Vaporeon, Dratini, Dragonair, Magikarps amongst others, woo!

13 August 2016, Hougang MRT (10am) to Punggol Waterway Point (2pm): An event organized by Pokemon Go North East Singapore (PGNES, yes, many communities have quickly formed up since Pokemon launched! Power sia), there will be free lure modules released by the organisers and it will be a good way to get some exercise, and interact with others too. Not to mention, Punggol Waterway Point is a very kid friendly place too, as we’ve introduced earlier! (only those who have registered may join in the walk!)

Bonus Tips:

  • Driving in a car above 15m/h will NOT hatch your eggs! So you gotta walk or cycle slowly!
  • Turn off AR (augmented reality) to make capturing your pokemon easier!
  • Singtel and M1 are offering FREE DATA on our National Day, 9th August, woohoo! So remember to switch your phone on and off before you go POKEHUNTING!

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