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This gift

22 Jan , 2009  

You know what?

At this moment in my life, even though the future is everchanging, even though nothing can ever be certain infinitely, even though this is a long-term thing that carries higher risks (analogy from biz finance. OH GOD), at this moment in my life, you are the world to me.

And I feel that time has danced its merry dance with the both of us, the music slow and sweet and lovely altogether, while at other times, a little too jumpy and fast, and on even rarer occasions (hopefully it’ll stay), melancholic and wistful.

And each step that we take forward, each twirl that we do as the rhythm sweeps us, we learn a little more about the dance of life, the dance of time, the dance of us. Something in us have changed today.

And we are closer, you and I.

We have turned and swirled to a new world, a world of you and I, where people flicker and fade and you and I take centerstage. Brief but magical, only we exist, and in this existence, we do not survive, we live.

I can’t really articulate how I feel exactly in words right now, but you, you said that some words need not be projected outwards, it is just the memories that need to be kept snugly in the warmest recesses of our heart.

And even though nothing is infintely certain, even though life is harsh and sometimes, even brutal, I carry with me, hopes of an eternity with you.

Lovely, sepia-toned memories of the past. The colourful spontaneity of the present. Joyful anticipation of the future.

I am fulfilled in you, because you gave me a gift in you.


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