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This amazing little thing called love – Happy 6 months baby!

17 Jun , 2014  

We wanted to see the world and explore its nooks and crannies before planning for a baby. To travel so much till we got sick. To travel so much and feel so satisfied that we’d finally explore the idea of having a baby. But that time came sooner than expected when mom had a great bout of zits (and wrongfully blamed my menses for it) and discovered that we were pregnant with you, Ray. You were a total, complete surprise, and though unexpected, you were not any less wanted than you are now. In fact, we love you so very much, baby, so much that we never knew our capacity for love could be this wide, this deep, and this selfless.

At Plitvice, Croatia. Pips and I had booked a trip to Europe (again) before finding out that we were preggers. It was a fab babymoon!

Though our lustful traveling ways have somewhat waned a little, it’s not as big a sacrifice as the singletons would have us believe. You know why? Because every single day, you bring the world to us. You gifted us the key to unlock this new world where you teach us to see things through your eyes, and teach us that there is joy to be had in the simplest of things. Like having your hands rest in ours. Watching you sleep. Watching you laugh and getting all excited at the fluttering curtains. And can i just say, what an amazing world it is.

Picture 002
How you’ve grown, little baby!

Little by little, day by day, you’ve invaded our most intimate moments and space. I still remember our very first times in the hospital, how precious those moments were! That very first time we met you, and you looked straight at us in all your naked glory, we loved you. That very first time when daddy held your tiny, squirming body, he loved you. That very first time when you nuzzled against mommy, and parted your cherry lips to suckle, I loved you.

And we still do.

For this love is an eternal one, a burgeoning one that grows with each passing second. We will forever love you, little baby, because you are ours, as we are yours.

As much as daddy and mommy would like to teach you about this world that we inhabit and the beauty of what it has to offer, your arrival has taught us that we too, are little students in your presence. You have shown us that you, tiny little thing that you are, have so much to educate us about this world.

Picture 001
How time flies! Dad and Mom are just glad to be part of your world, baby…

And on this beautiful learning journey to be the best parents we can be to you, little Ray, we will fumble, and we will be doubtful about our parenting methods. Bear with us, for we are only human, and will falter from time to time. But one thing will never change – daddy and mommy will always be there with you as you walk your chosen path, holding your tiny little hands as you hit the many different milestones ahead of you, ahead of us. Be it exciting times; when you learn to crawl and walk and talk, or nasty times when teething bites, and terrible twos loom, daddy and mommy will always be there with you. It gladdens my heart to know that, for child, you are the sweetest thing alive.

Happy 6 months darling. You are as precious to us, as other babies are to their mamas and papas. Because if there is a constant in this world, it’s gotta be parental love.



P/S: Recently, Pips and i brought Ray for a ‘Play with Babies’ workshop. Will share more on that in a post soon and hope you guys can engage your babies in constructive, fun play!

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