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That’s my money ure spending! MINE MINE MINE!

5 Jun , 2008  

I finally found the perfect reasons why Boonei and I are best friends. it is cuz we are fellow retards, and it is not very often you find two retards who think they’re smart but get caught in the most ridiculous of situations, doing the most amazingly dumbest things ever and then, best thing of all, they either do dumb stuff together (like getting a super expensive haircut, SGD 75?? cajoled into signing up for a facial package when all they wanted was a one-off facial treatment), or do dumb stuff simultaneously, separately.

Like ME getting PICKPOCKETED in Shanghai on the subway this morning. And Boo getting pickpocketed in Barcelona TWO DAYS AGO. Like how much more support can best friends give each other, than to experience sucky situations for themselves, just so they know how the other feels…

As the saying goes, ‘Misery loves company’, and how true those nasty words ring. Boo definitely feels better about herself now that she learnt I got pickpocketed too, and I feel better as well I suppose. It’s the feeling of ‘Hey! Im not the only idiot who got pickpocketed!”

Argh. And that nasty thieving little fellow. I hope he balds tomorrow, gets his teeth knocked out, and grows huge zits all over his face and body. That evil little skunk. And I hope he falls into a longkang and scratch his knee, and never earns more than 200rmb/mth (unless he has kids to feed or aging parents to take care of). Evil shit. He might be a girl but wadever. to me, that person is just plain shitty.

Oh well… stinks man. Gg to meet Pip’s parent’s tonight, woohoo. What a great day to lose my wallet! Yay for me! But as jo said, 破财挡在,so yeah… hahah. and i say 小财不漏,大财不入!so yeah man. and as a tribute to my everlasting friendship to my equally kuku fren, and to our unanimous hatred for stinky sneaky thieving pickpockets, I dedicate the below pic to Boo and Jas, the kuku buddies. Life sucks!


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  1. mooibells says:

    Freak u woman!! Dun u haf a nicer or more glamourous photo of the two of us? since we are loserly enough, at least look good being losers right! How dated is this?! Haha, silly girl. Love u sooo much, pls spend lots of time with me when we’re back in sg to make up for all these lost months!! HUGS!

  2. yan says:

    omg u guys are so…………..


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