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The unexpected gift from my second child

19 Jan , 2018  

When I had my first child four years ago, my maternal instincts kicked in instantaneously, surreptitiously. Dedicating my life and centering it around the little human that I’ve only just met was as natural as breathing. I could not imagine myself doing less for him, heaven forbid! The little guy only had me. He needed […]


Losing your WEDDING BAND- survival guide when shit hits the fan

21 Jul , 2017  

Ok, there are ONLY TWO THINGS you can do before you’re found out (1) pray you find the missing ring before anyone else finds it/out (2) pray your partner has a big heart. I didn’t manage to achieve (1) but I must have done something right in my past life because I achieved (2). PHEW!!! […]

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Personal Musings

Saying thanks

20 Mar , 2009  

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING IT TO HARVARD MISS LIM YAN STEPHANIE!!!!!!!! Hahah… too shy to say it? I SHALL ANNOUNCE IT FOR YOU! NO NEED TO FEEL SHY NO MORE! hahah. Yes YEs YES! YOU READ RIGHT! Stephanie, “quite-the-genius” Lim is going to HARVARD where Bill Gates was from, where Mark Zuckerberg was […]

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