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4 Feb , 2007  


Oh my GOD… Life is totally blissful here…. We have dropped another subject here in MICA cuz there’s a prerequisite course needed! Hahah.. This exchange program is working out to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG extended holiday man! Yay!!!!!!! We have an 8 day break next week (cuz we’re only taking like 6 subjects?) so technically we can go on  a holiday! HOWEVER, we are FLAT broke so we’re gonna be rotting in school i guess.

Well, Ken and I will try attending a few classes from CCC (crafting creative communications) and see how it goes. Interesting times ahead!

Having a long holiday here is good, as it really gives me a good respite from the busy pace of life in Singapore. Then again, due to the singaporean-kiasusm in me, I feel like I won’t be getting my money’s worth if i SLACK so much here hahah. But on the other hand, it feels great cuz i can really do ANYthing i want. No stresses of deadlines etc, cuz there’s just so much time on my hands!

And I’ve not been exercising much ever since coming to India. All we do is wake up, eat breakfast, attend class (if there is any at all), eat lunch, rest, eat snack, shower, go online, eat dinner, go online, then sleep. Totally unhealthy. The school is small, and there are no sports multiplexes unlike NTU. The gym is just a room. A small, dingy old room may i add. The wheels on the fabulous treadmill is rusting, and it is not electronic i think. It is made up of WHEELS that creaks squeakily when u step on it. Obviously the motion isn’t all that smooth, that is, if you can even get it to move cuz apparently, a few screws have dropped out. Oh well, luckily I’m not a GYM BUNNY like Renyi, Cedric or Khai Yan. Think I will just die.

Hmm but I have borrowed a volleyball the other day and it is now sitting in my room. Played a game w some MICANS and gosh, it felt totally fantastic to perspire! hahah… And today I played table-tennis. It is the campus sport. I don’t play TT in Singapore, not even at Keng Yang’s house, but as the saying goes; In Rome, do as the Romans do, so here at MICA, maybe i’ll be a TT machine. Come on man Dunman Gang! Next time can challenge me to TT if we have any gatherings at Yang’s house hahah.. (ok i admit, my balls still fly all over, but i have 6 months here ok)

Hmm and I realised I haven’t thanked any of my friends and family etc… I’d like to thank Hanzen for driving me to the airport and sending me off, Jacob for offering to drive me there too. And Steps, Boo, Jinny, Renyi, Khai Yan, Jing Ting, Kai Yong for sending me off. My little brother Nick for sending me off, and sister Jason and Cedric for writing letters to me! Yuxin jie jie too, for offering to send me off. And of course, there’s godma too yeah! Haha feel like those Hong Kong stars at 金马奖!Of course, I’m slated to be someone important and famous in future, so this is just practice.

And thanks to all who turned up at my early bday/farewell party! Yes yes it is a little bit too early but oh wells~ Apparently MICA has this tradition of celebrating EVERYONE’s birthday, which is really nice right? They will have a birthday cake for you, sing a song for u and proceed to smash the cake in your face. That’s not all, they will throw eggs and coloured water at you. I’m not sure abt whether flour is dumped on you but that’s enough of a celebration right? I’m so glad that I had my own celebration. At least I got to see all that I loved, and yeah.. Not to mention, my birthday falls on a non-meat day lah. Sian diao…

Hmm yeah that’s about all…




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  1. Jacob says:

    Can you stop making those of us still stuck in Singapore jealous of your lifestyle over there, you selfish girl! Hahah, yes yes, brag about it while you still can.
    I’m up for challenging you in TT, should be fun, and in mahjong (lost $10 the other day T.T) and blading!!!! hahah
    Come back and suffer with the rest of us here soon! lolx!

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