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3 Feb , 2007  

Little Small updates!

The 3 of us are officially broke BUT we still had a good dinner today! Yay HaPpY HaPpY (^_^)!!! This is what I ate today:

Breakfast at 830am

3 bowls of cornflakes (in case lunch sucks, I always eat more during breakfast. And that IS NOT an excuse for my gluttony. It is a LEGITIMATE reason to eat)
The food of the day, which is this yellow rice thing w peanuts n stuff (one plate)
One egg

Lunch at 1pm
Corn masala (which is corn curry lah, but not bad I like it… But yeah, it’s curry once again. SUrpRiSe SurPriSe! Will the indian palate never cease to shock! hahah…)
Potato tossed with tomatoes and the likes… Not bad too but oily as usual
Rice (salty)

Snack at 530pm
Maggie Mee! Yummy! (But hey, in case ur mind drifts off to wonderful Tom Yum or Abalone chicken flavored maggie, it is dry CURRY maggie.)

Dinner at 830pm
Spicy pasta
Chow Mien (which is supposed to be a chinese dish but tastes anything BUT chinese. Quite nice though. A spicy and oily version)
Veggie Fried Rice
Gobi Kofta (which is Fried cauliflower balls in curry)
Dessert–> Fruit Custard


Yuppers, that’s the cook who loves us! He always talks to us very nicely and is always very happy to see us! Yay, luckily the cook loves us, cuz we eat so much meat on Wednesdays n Sundays ( we ALWAYS ALWAYS go for second helpings. ALWAYS). And today, we went for multiple helpings on the fruit custard! The pic on the right, yeah, that is but ONLY the first helping (Ken n Jo took multiple helpings too ok. It was NOT only me) haha!

But we have a problem now. Jo and I are groaning in our rooms cuz we overdosed on carbohydrates (duh, pasta, rice, flour from the veggie balls, and chow mien). Plus oily carbohydrates and sweet sticky fruit custard just fills u up too much u noe? hmm on to other stuff that’s more impt than food:

1) We met the bank guy yesterday, and this was what he said abt the bank procedures not being done yet, “the headquarter office are stalling on the bank accounts but dont worry, you have submitted all your documents. We opened 5 or 6 accounts like this the last time so dont worry. I will personally FIGHT for your bank accounts to be opened and I will get back to you today, or latest TOMORROW. Don’t worry, i will fight for you.”

Oh well… apparently his fighting is damn lousy. Cuz we had no news yesterday and no news today. Called him a couple of times and he either didn’t pick up or the line was busy. Grr… If i can’t afford to get myself emergency meat when I’m suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, i’ll come back to haunt him lol… As Jo said, yin4 du4 ren2很会xian…, ni2 xiang1 xin4 ta men ah? which i thought was quite funny hahah

3) Hmm the class schedule at MICA is not a fixed schedule, unlike Singapore. For example, in January, due to the many activities happening in school such as Utturayan festival, India’s republic day, Placement week (which is the job placement process for the Yr 2 students and the week we trotted off to Goa) etc, we didn’t have many lessons.

In Feb, cuz we slacked too much in Jan, classes will be crammed into the students’ schdule like crazy. For example, we have classes on saturday and sunday this week. zzz. Weekends are meant for bumming around doing NOTHING. FYI, Sat is a sch day here, not a holiday like Singapore.

Luckily for us, we’re smart hahah… We’re not taking ALL the classes that the Yr 1 post grad students are taking. Subjects like media planning and buying cannot be matched against Comm Studies modules, and are quite useless in a Singapore context (cant apply it to Sg), so we aren’t taking them!

4) Classes – Classes conducted here are also not text-book based unlike Singapore. Lessons aren’t as structured, and organized. It is mostly discussions based on industry knowledge and case studies. Classes are also more business-like in nature than courses at Comm Studies, which is great since i wanna be a businesswoman anyways (sheer labour will never get one rich. Really.)

However, one particular course that i took, Organizational dynamics, which touched on organizational structure etc was conducted in a seminar style. I don’t think that it was a very effective teaching style for a subject that requires in-depth knowledge of business models and structures, where there is a NEED for content to be taught to students instead of leaving them to discuss material based on knowledge that they already possess. Not many students are able to finish, digest and understand AN entire CHAPTER in a textbook day after day for ONE week just for class. So classes are discussions where nobody knows anything and just fluffs everything up.

On another hand, there is this other course that I’m taking, Brand Management, which is an eye opener. For this class, there is a mix of presentations by people working in the advertising industry, and also classes by the Director, PAT (Prof Atul Tandan), and concepts such as product positioning, how different it is from brand positioning etc are discussed. There are certain issues that Pat raises which really makes me think about branding in a different way, how integral it is, and how mere differences in words can carry huge differences in terms of meanings etc.

For example, Nike allows me to be WHAT i want to be versus Nike allows me to be WHO i want to be. The connotations are entirely different, if you think about it. I like this class. It is just that PAT ALWAYS ALWAYS extends classes, which is v sian. Classes stretch on for one and a half hr, then a 15 min break before another one and a half hr session. And PAT goes on for like one hr 45 mins to 2hrs before letting us break for a short refresher and every min that he stretches on positively KILLS me cuz my attention span is so freaking short and cuz Jo and I always need to pee so badly. (It’s cold here alright, that’s why we need to pee often. It’s not like our bladders are malfunctioning or anything).

5) There are FREAKING ALOT OF BUGS in INDIA. LIKE TEN MILLION BUGS and im NOT KIDDING. I kill bugs on my table everyday in my room. And all the freaking bugs have also decided to use my room table as a burial ground. They just DIE on my table everyday and it is so freaking irritating to see carcasses of flies (fine, fine, too small to have carcasses) on my table. If you’re typing some stuff on your laptop, some bloody fly or bug will just buzz round and round in front of you, refusing to buzz OFF, and they are just BEGGING to be SQUASHED right? Sorry if i don’t sound all saintly n pious but im NOT a HUGE FAN of insects.

Oh my GOD, if my husband is SCARED of insects (presuming i get married -_-) I am SO DEAD. Make that WE are so dead. And some stories we heard from the MICANs are that, unoe India has monsoons somewhere in July? During that period, apparently all sorts of insects and animals suddenly become your friends and regular room visitors. There is this horror story I heard, where there was this sleeping girl on her bed who woke up to a freaking frog jumping on her chest. OH MY GOD. Frogs are SO SLIMY! I mean frog legs are delicious, but i definitely won’t want to touch any frog legs when they are still alive n jumping. Grossness x 10.

And in case anybody asks me WHAT TIME IT IS IN INDIA AGAIN, it is 2 and a HALF hrs BEHIND Singapore  So if Singapore is 5pm, India is 230pm. Okies! hahah remember hor!




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