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SG50 Announcement (fab prizes up for grabs!) and My Amazing Talker (14mo)

8 Mar , 2015  

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SG5o SG50 SG50… simisai also SG50? LOL… yeah I know that feeling, but when you LOVE this nation, and are an excellent opportunist, how not to jump on the bandwagon and celebrate SG50??? S0 here I am, proud to announce that Jashuat will be part of SG50 with some exciting contests (none of those facebook popularity voting contests, this I promise you. I HATE THOSE!) and even more fantastic prizes lined up! So do LIKE my facebook page to regularly check in on the exciting lineup of activities for this year!

The below activities summarize what Jashuat will be collaborating with the G on:

  • GUEST ARTICLES: We will be writing and inviting guest writers to write some articles on pertaining to Singapore. If you are interested to write for this initiative, please drop me a note in the comments or facebook msg me at!
  • PATRIOTIC VID CONTEST: A Patriotic Vid Contest in the month of April/May where we will invite families to take part with prizes worth up to $3000, whee! More details to follow, so LIKE my fb page to be notified on the contest!
  • PATRIOTIC PIC CONTEST: A Patriotic Pic Contest in the month of June/July where we will again, invite families to take part with prizes worth up to $3000! More details to follow, so LIKE my fb page to be notified on the contest!
  • We will hopefully work with some participating restaurants to bring some fantastic deals to you during our Nation’s birthday, so stay tuned!

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So that’s it for my SG50 announcement. A busy busy year for me!

Ok now that the sg50 announcement is done, back to some baby updates! This is where I puff up my mama peahen (darn, peahen just sounds wrong n lacklustre) feathers and haolian abit (let me indulge ok! Haha) I am SOOOOOOO amazed at how quickly babies learn stuff.

Just yesterday, we were teaching Ray how to say open when he wanted to get at the mahjong tiles inside the box, and today, he passed me some tooth brush kit and told me to “open”. Wow. He later repeated it for the mahjong box. Consider me amazed!

Besides that revelation, for some time now, I have on occasion, put a cold drink to Ray’s face and watch his face light up at the change in temperature. I would also tell him that it’s cold, and ask him things along the line of “it’s cold, isn’t it?” while letting him explore the drink (if my MIL knew I did this, she would undoubtedly frown! Ignorance is bliss heheh


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