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Settling in at MICA (posting from MSN blog)

25 Jan , 2007  

You know…

When writing this blog right, I keep on thinking whether i wrote some politically incorrect stuff or posted some politically incorrect pictures which might get me ostracised or worse still, locked up without bail. It’s so hard to tell sometimes, cuz like what seems right or normal might be wrong in another culture. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Oh man. MEAT. i NEED MEAT.

I only get meat TWICE a week. It is NOT even TWO days a WEEk, it is TWO TIMES a week. All the carnivores out there, especially JACOB, i think you will JUST die if you’re me. If i sound a little incoherent as i go on writing, it will most certainly be because i am shaking from meat withdrawal symptoms. i aint a druggie, yet i know how they feel when they go COLD turkey. hmm today is a SATURDAY, which means tomorrow is a SUNDAY. god bless sunday, the sabbath day… it is a MEAT day! oh happy tidings are here again! If you wanna catch me in a happy delirious mood, catch me on meaty Wednesday and Sunday.


Eh this blog sucks lah. I cant paste pictures wherever i like it. How am I supposed to emphasize certain stuff? As I have mentioned previously, Jo and I stay at Silveroak, the international dorm, and Ken is situated at Palash, the boys’ dorm. If there were commercial taglines for our respective dormitories, it would be:


PALASH – ANY NOISE IS POSSIBLE, anytime, anywhere

LOL. let me recount some difference between the two dormitories:


we have nice polished wooden cupboards, which open nicely and shut nicely. i brought a nice lemony fragrant sachet from Singapore and it is now hanging nicely in my cupboard. I love opening my cupboard. Everytime I open it, i get a whiff of lemon. So exciting! It ain’t at all the coconut smell or wadever tt all u idiots in Singapore told me to beware so THERE! Underneath our bed, there are big drawers where we can place our stuff like books etc, so it is really good. I love my dorm. In Silveroak, the toilets are clean and well, devoid of weird smells so it is great. The occupancy rate is not that high either, so the toilet which is supposed to be shared by three different rooms is practically mine n Jo’s.

It is quiet and tranquil here as well, not much noise so it is fantastic. I am enjoying being a recluse. Hey HEy… I dont jump and make noise all the time, i have MANY MANY quiet moments too okies. There is a pantry on the second level where you can cook stuff. There is this really cool fridge as well, which can dispense ice-cold water, even cooler than my singapore fridge can! Who says India is backwards! And if there’s a fridge, it means I can store MEAT in it! and have meat on non-meat days! woohoo! remember the tagline: Silveroak – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. There is a tv here as well which means I can watch Man U matches! Absolutely fantastic. Speaking of which, AHEM, we’re 6 points clear at the top people! Moneybags Chelsea, eat our dust!

okie, now onto the much awaited Palash… Kenneth has all the good things going for him, doesn’t he?


okie let’s start with Palash’s tagline – ANY NOISE IS POSSIBLE. here at Palash, we have a hostel that is full of life. Boys are energetic by nature, and when you’re young and full of vitality, Palash is the dorm for you! Just like the city that never sleeps, this is the dorm that never sleeps! Here, we blast music that will rock your bones out, designed especially to keep your body molecules vibrating even when you’re sleeping! And to ensure that all residents in Palash are intimately connected like a real tight-knit family, we shout affectionately to one another across the rooms, just so that everyone in Palash knows exactly what is going on! All members of Palash are constantly kept in the know =)

When the sun sets, and lessons end, that is when CS (counterstrike) comes alive. Experience an all-night adrenaline rush as you kill your enemies at 4 am in the morning. Sleep…who needs them when you can bond over a good old game of CS? Welcome to Palash – where ANY NOISE is possible =)

Yup, think that would be a very nice and endearing summary of Palash. In the dorm itself, instead of nicely furnished cupboards made of wood or oak or whatever, as with Silveroak, you get clunky brown-painted METAL cupboards (back to army days, boys) that goes clink clink clunk clunk whenever you open it, which really adds flavor to Palash’s affectionate noise culture.


The study table, and bed frames are all made of metal, which makes a perfect set with metal cupboards. The toilets are clean but what is unique abt it is the somewhat lingering toilet smell, which sets it apart from the oh-so-boring-and-odorless-Silveroak-toilet.

And right smack in the middle of Palash, we have a plant. Yup you read that right. A plant. Just one plant.

Okies that’s it with the introduction of the two different dorms. Isn’t Kenneth’s Palash dorm way more happening than Silveroak! Lol. Hahah… think Palash is just way too happening for us man lol. DIE. Im turning more into a NERD as time passes lol. a reclusive hermit. Actually Palash is not bad lah, just that i prefer the furniture in Silveroak WAAAAAAAAAY better than Kenneth’s room. Imagine the music your bloody cupboard creates everytime you try to change a t-shirt! Freaking irritating man! So I’m just thankful as anything for my nice noiseless cupboard! Otherwise Palash has this really friendly atmosphere, but the students though, they can survive on little sleep, something which I can never achieve. Fine fine, i admit I sleep and eat alot ok. Therefore Silveroak is good, cuz i sleep alot and I can hang out with the students and learn more from them when I ain’t tired


Classes conducted here are very seminar-like, much like what SMU has. In one cohort, there is only about 80 students are so, which is then divided into two batches, Batch A and Batch B. the 3 of us are in Batch B, so one class typically has about 40 students or 80 students if it is a combined session.

I’ve only had one course so far, Managing Organizational Dynamics,(MOD) which is matched with a corresponding CS (communication studies) module back in NTU. However, this course stresses far less on communication principles and rather, much more on business/organization models, which is fantastic since I want to work for the Singapore casino, and also be a rich and successful businesswoman. I think alot of the courses here corresponds more with Nanyang Business School rather than Communication Studies but shh, let it not be known to NTU!

Anyways, let’s talk abt the class. The students whom we interacted with say that this course is one of the lousier courses offered, in the sense that the professor is not very good. The professor seems pretty harmless to me, smiley and blur, but yeah, that’s about it. Since the students dont really think very highly of the course, lesson is absolutely chaotic. On the first day of lesson, I saw paper confetti being thrown and people talking over one another…MAYHEM alert i tell you. In another corner of the classroom, I spied people posing for photographs. and the three of us were just kinda floored i think.

Since MICA is a post-grad sch, the sessions of MOD that we have is like a debate session lah. Imagine one whole class of fast talkers…and me zoning out in my little corner! hahah.. the prof is like a harmless sloth… dreamy and harmless and nice and friendl but well…not very effective i guess..




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