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Rich again! Yippee!

10 Feb , 2007  


The terrible effects of the following combination is catching up with me:
1) Curry everyday, several times a day
2) Overdose of salt, sugar, oil and ghee in the cooking
3) Deep fried stuff that is omnipresent in the indian palate

The above combination, which I have been consuming daily in a most faithful fashion, has culminated in a tummyache today. Had to visit the loo several times. And I had a headache yesterday, where I slept for 16 hrs straight. Hmm sleep makes the world go round though, cuz when I woke up today, the headache was gone. Yay. But my tummy felt funny still.

Ate two sachets of Po Chai pills. I guess I should feel better in a jiffy!

Ooh happy news! We finally got our bank drafts done! Yippee! So now I’m one thousand bucks (Sing dollars, not rupees) richer! Jo and I also went shopping at Big Bazaar and had a good meal at Upper Crust and Subway! Yes… The funny tummy didn’t stop me from having a Chicken Italian Oregano Sizzler (A sizzler is HUGE man. Sizzlers are HUGE in proportions in India. Oh goody!) by myself, and walnut brownie topped with ice-cream (Jo’s one technically, but she couldn’t finish it by herself…Don’t waste money mah) I also bought two big bars of Cadbury chocolate from Big Bazaar and some smaller chocolate coated biscuits from Upper Crust.  Yippee!

To help my funny tummy from recovering, Jo and I bought rice to cook porridge too! I really don’t think my tummy can take much more curry at this stage. I may love the cook, and he may love me too, but love can only go this far alright..

We also went shopping! I bought a few articles of clothes, so happy! I think this is what happens when deprivation sets in. When you’re deprived of things, you tend to overdose when you finally get your hands on them. I am now abt 5000 rupees poorer (200 bucks?) cuz I just bought alot of stuff! hahah.

I console myself though. Chinese New Year is round the corner, I need to buy clothes right? So yup, there is a perfectly legitimate reason for spending. It is all calculated alright. Oh in case anyone is asking why Kenneth is not featured in this post, and why he didn’t partake in our over indulgent celebration of richness, it was cuz he lost his bank draft of $3000 Sing? Poor sod… (dont worry, the bank draft is in his name, no one can cash it)

Luckily for him though, that he is at a high level of monkhood, where he sustains on little and can still survive happily. Things that feature regularly in Jo’s and my life (chocs, ice-cream, dessert, basically lotsa food and other indulgences like getting out of school cuz it just gets too claustrophobic. Basically, the plain and simple activity of spending money) does not matter to monkish Kenneth so it is ok for him to be without cash! See? Kenneth is more zai than us ok? But Jo and I figured that life’s too short to be so zai, so it’s ok lah!

Anyways, after the flies episode, plus the fact that we haven’t bought our own pair of running shoes, we decided we’re not going running anymore (purely me n Jo’s own thoughts. Kenneth shares no part in this. I think he can brave a thousand more flies despite being disgusted with them)

Oh yeah, and like when Jo and I went shopping today, a few Indians came up to us, asked us for our names, (little kids included) asked us where we are from etc. This is not the first time that something like this has happened to us. Back in Goa, and Mumbai, we had people who came up to us and asked to take pictures with us like we’re stars! Haha funky huh! I AM A STAR! Yippee! Where else in the world do you get such ‘star treatment’? hahah… People who say they’re going to be famous in future blah blah blah… What proof do you have? What evidence do you have to substantiate your claims? I have rock-hard evidence! Beat that!

I think en general, the service quality in India is MUCH MUCH BETTER than in Singapore. I remember a particularly bad incident in Singapore when I was shopping for a bikini. I took one set off the shelf, then decided I didn’t want it after trying it on, and left it at the counter. Then as I was turning to leave, the stupid assistant (that unhappy little womanish teenager. Grr NO manners!) just said in a VERY bitchy and 不爽way: “这样就走了啊?” Horrible little woman right!

And today at Big Bazaar, while I was buying bathroom slippers, the guy was scouring through alot of pairs for me to get my size right without making it seem like a chore. He had a smile on his face the whole way (of course I’m not discounting the fact that he might have fallen in love with me there and then but still!!!!!!!!!) and at the end of it all, he said, “Welcome to India”. So nice right! Compared to the sniveling little waif. And his is not a solitary account. Looks like what PM Lee Hsien Loong said about the service quality in Singapore having to improve is true indeed. That said, not all service in Singapore is bad, so yeah. Just that India’s is generally better. The people are generally warmer. In Singapore, it is more like “Mind Your Own Business”, otherwise, people will call you “kaypoh”.

Oh well~ that’s it for today then! Sleepy alr, it’s 12.45am here in India, and I better sleep soon, otherwise I won’t get my 8 hrs of sleep!



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  1. Vanessa says:

    Yo gal! Congrats on finally getting your bank draft settled! I see that you’ve gone on a shopping spree (with the excuse of CNY coming up :P) Your classes sound boring lol…but at least now it feels like an extended holiday trip hahaha!

    Just wondering if you still want your Man U jersey with the name on it or without is ok? Because seriously the ones that come with names will totally make your pocket become very airy (burn a hole in ur pocket)! So far I’ve checked the cheapest I saw ManU Jersey without name is about S$119~ You sure about that? I’ll be going down to Old Trafford to catch a live game and basically spend a weekend there so no worries if you wanna get your jersey from there! Cheers~

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