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Pre-reno post: Eubiq + OPSH

13 Nov , 2015  

Hi guys!

In this post, we are going to recommend two products to you for your house renovation or refurbishment, and I promise you it is going to be a great idea! We ourselves believe in it, and we are so glad to be working with these two companies! The two products are (1) Eubiq (techie) and (2) OPSH (wardrobe).

As I get older, I become more and more Type A, someone who demands a lot but will also give a lot too. I am particular about how I want things to be – to this end, I will research carefully and go to crazy details to make sure things are as I envisioned. So when it comes to our house reno, where Pips the tech guru is fussy about techie stuff and I am particular about the functionality of things, you can be sure that when we say our home is gonna embody the concept of minimalist modernity, it is going to be exactly just that!

Read on to find out how YOU can GET SOME AWESOME DISCOUNTS/FREEBIES for yourself with the deals from these two companies!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eubiq Magic

So way back before all this reno mumbo jumbo came into play, Pips knew for certain that he was going to get Eubiq for our entire house. He is afterall, in the IT industry, and prides himself on keeping abreast of trends in the technology sector and arming himself with cool IT gadgets and stuff that is value-for-money. He loves a clean look, and he loves modern technology, and this is where Eubiq comes into play!

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Swee, so sleek, and so many colours to choose from to suit your bling bling or reserved character!

Eubiq is a sexy power outlet system that replaces the ugly power outlet sockets in our house. It instantly updates the look and feel of a home, so if you are looking to reno your new home, it will be good to purchase Eubiq (they have different tracks and modular systems to cater to different needs) and talk to your ID/Contractors about the installation of it, as it can be recessed into your partition walls etc to be flushed with the surface for a sleek, seamless look.Alternatively, you can also purchase an external system which also looks mighty sweet, to concentrate your power outlets.

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Swee man!

Well, I won’t really go into how Eubiq is so great and all that in this post, I will save that for a later post once I have installed my Eubiq and show you the glorious pictures of it! I’d just like to briefly tell you that once you have purchased your Eubiq, depending on the type of Eubiq that you buy, the Eubiq guys will come down to your house to do a survey of how they can install Eubiq as part of your house reno concept. Think of them as your Eubiq contractors LOL. Your electrician will need to pull out wires for the Eubiq guys though!


To be honest, I have NEVER heard of OPSH until I went to a friend’s house. I have however, heard of walk-in-wardrobes, as I am sure you have, and have scoffed at the idea of it. I love how it looks but NO WAY was I gonna get a walk-in ever, cuz I hate dust and walk-in wardrobes is the epitome of a mega dust trapper, isn’t it?

However, when Pips and I visited a friend’s house, we saw his OPSH wardrobe with all the great, gorgeous aspects of a walk-in, BUT with a BEAUTIFUL SLIDING GLASS DOOR with panels. You can still drool at the awesomeness of what you set your eyes on, WITHOUT the dust.


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OPSH: Us with Alvin who took us through the different combinations of putting tgt our wardrobe ever so patiently!

I’ve visited the OPSH showroom 3x, not really because I was in two minds about getting it, but because I fell in love with it the moment I saw their showroom which is in godforsaken woodlands. I am an Eastie you know. Still, it is worth the trip because nothing is like seeing the goods in person! Kelvin was the guy whom I first talked to, and I was very impressed by his technical know-how and sales pitch about all the OPSH awesomeness. How the plank is freaking solid, the glass is super tempered and safe and even if you pull on the glass door with your weight, it won’t break. He demoed the latter part for me, so yes, it is pretty solid, not those cheap plywood type! So people with kids, no need to be scared!

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Us with Kelvin on another occasion, the person we reached out to in OPSH! Look at bubs, so dapper LOL!

We have just installed our 10ft wardrobe (paid to upgrade it from a 9ft) and we are absolutely IN LOVE with it. IT IS GORGEOUS!! I won’t be sharing pics yet, as I will be doing a more comprehensive post on my reno, but it will be ready before the end of the year, so watch this space!


Thanks for making it this far! As mentioned earlier in this post, Jashuat is working with Eubiq and OPSH, two wonderful homegrown companies to bring you some special discounts! This will be revealed to you in about a month or so, so bookmark this page and check back on this space!

*This post is partially sponsored by Eubiq and OPSH*

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