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PJ at Marina Barrage

21 Feb , 2009  

Had a conversation with Kel the other night, and he was saying that I’m the type of girl that puts boyfriend ahead of friends. I protested immediately of course – “That is so not true, dude. I still meet up with my friends, like you. Like now.” Then he said it was cuz Pips lets me have that freedom. N also cuz Pips is always so busy himself.

I thought abt Kel’s words, and it is true, but only in part. Even if I have a boyfriend, I will never forsake my friends. This is probably where Kel is wrong. The balance between friendships and relationships must be maintained. I would say that I am a very loyal and dependable friend, and if we are tight in terms of our friendship, I would say that you are lucky to gain a friend in me (and probably me in you), because I would really be there for you, I will listen to your secrets and keep them safe, give you sound advice and keep in touch. Many people do come to me for advice and it ain’t no coincidence, my friend.

But back to Kel’s words, for friendship, I will generally keep up and care about my friends, and this stems from within.My partner means alot to me too though, because not only is he my lover, he is my best friend too. And with strong friendships, you want to give your best for that person you love, isn’t it?

Okies… back to a lighter topic, not that the earlier one was any heavy stuff but yeah..Pips and I went to Marina Barrage for a picnic during Valentine’s Day! Pips stayed over the night before, and we made sandwiches and potato salad which was nice.

On the actual day itself, it was really sweltering hot when Pips and I went for brunch in my neighborhood (with uber substandard Pasir Ris food.  Oh you noe what? I saw this stall at Food Republic Vivocity that said, Pasir Ris Laksa. WHAT A JOKE. PASIR RIS FOOD IS BAD BAD BADDDD). We were like complaining about how hot it was and Pips was joking about having a picnic under my void deck which would have been much cooler.

But of course, us being the super enthusiastic, romantic, adventurous and non-lazy couple (yeah right hahah), we headed for Marina Barrage. By the time we set up ‘tent’ there, the weather was lovely! Windy and cloudy, not a hint of the bright, soul-sucking sun! Fantabulous I say! Hail to the power of love! hahah..

Pips and I each drew a face of the other. And in Pip’s version, I seriously look UGLY. He looks so cute in my egg right. It strangely reminds me of Pugsley from Addams Family though. Nonetheless, still cute ok! The only redemption for Pips is that he wrote my name in this fashion “JAS(is)MINE” 🙂


This is the photo heart that Pips made for me! (the two diff sides) And the “handle’ attached to the heart is my Valentine gift, an anklet.

And I decided to romance Pips like he was a girl – with chocs and flowers! And a whole basket of them (albeit small). Haha. bought a shaver for him too (what a practical unromantic gift right? LOL)

Pips and I at Marina Barrage. Pips was fascinated with the water surge and the dam thing. Boys will be boys.

And us at Marina Barrage in our couple tee (hahah not a cheesy one okies). Photo courtesy of Bolin, whom we bumped into. Hahah love this pic, cuz Pips looks so adorable and happy here, like a little kid!

Okies… c’est tout mes amis! Hope you had a nice Valentine day too! And if you’re single and looking for love, you’re not supposed to pray to St Valentine, it’s some other guy! St Valentine is for couples, not singles, so channel your love the right way and next yr, you’ll have a St Valentine too!


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