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Parents misusing prams is a social ill? Truly distressing indeed, should make it a national concern…

8 Aug , 2014  

Hi everyone. Trust some of you have read the Straits Times article about prams being a social ill- Well, Mr Lee has been so kind to share his insights with us, don’t you think?

My word, Mr Jeremy Lee, you are indeed a genius for picking out what these annoying parents should have noticed long ago – that those prams are NOT doing their job by carrying the barang barang belonging to the parents and the little people, INSTEAD of ferrying the little people. Can you imagine that? Preposterous, isn’t it? The gall of these parents TSK TSK.

Ray on a good pram day. Moments later, he protested at being in the pram. Gonna teach you to “MAN UP” a la Jeremy style, darling!

Of course it doesn’t matter that the parents’ backs should ache and shoulders strain from carrying a little human that wails and cries at being strapped to a pram, when moments earlier, they seemed fine sitting in it.

These parents should instead, learn from you to build up their muscles and ‘almost-superhuman reserves of energy’. By dismissing the pram and carrying both the naughty little humans and their barang barang, parents can train up those muscles of theirs.  What an incredible insight you have shown us, Mr Lee!

As for those kids that can walk and are at risk of becoming fully grown “invalids”, heavens forbid! You are so very kind to remind us parents that even when the little humans are sleepy, or legs are tired from the walking (nevermind that their muscles are not fully developed. We parents should aim to develop them), they should continually “pound the pavement.” If not, how to be healthy and strong, just like you?

Thanks to your article, I’ve woken up! It’s time for me to stop mollycoddling my 7.5mo. If he feels insecure from not being close to me and cries at sitting in the pram, I’m gonna read your article to him and teach him to grow up.

But just a question, Mr Lee. If he continues to cry, will you then write an article to flame me for strapping my baby to his pram, letting him cry and making himself out to be a public nuisance? For allowing him to disrupt public peace and serenity?

Do enlighten me, sir, afterall, you have such golden nuggets of parental advice to give (& not yet a parent! Imagine if you were one! Godlike level!!!)

Clueless Mommy Jas

P/s: I have an issue with Mr Lee’s tone in the article more than anything. Of course, as with most things, there are bound to be black sheep among parent pram pushers, but he just coloured almost all parents with the same brush in one stroke, without understanding why some parents need to use the prams or why the prams are empty. Personally, cuz Mr I-hate-Prams Ray doesn’t like said perambulator, we hardly use it and babywear instead!

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  1. Collin says:

    Well said..!!!! Awesome!

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