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Of Condolences and Maternal Celebrations

13 May , 2007  

Life is fragile, isn’t it? A gentle breeze and the candle goes out.

I’m currently taking RCM courses now and it has been about 3 weeks since I started this course (after our PGP friends left for their summer internships). Just yesterday, 11th May 2007, our friend Rahul came around SilverOak and told Joanne, Kenneth and I that 2 of our RCM friends got into a motorbike accident. We shrugged it off, thinking it wasn’t serious. Afterall, a couple of our friends here have gotten into motorbike accidents before, Theni with his bandaged arm, Axe and his injured foot just before the 3 of us came MICA etc.

It isn’t all that surprising to be caught up in road accidents given the craziness of the roads here – no central dividers (some have, eg in parts of Delhi), vehicles squeezing in and out, sharp turns on the roads where you are subjected to blind spots and of course, how can we forget – the many cows/buffaloes/dogs/goats/lambs etc strolling lazily on the road, across the road, whenever, wherever.

A few hours later, I was in the library MSNing w Joanne when she said our neighbour just came in, crying, “Manasi is no more.”

You know how internet takes the sting out of things? At that moment, I thought it was exaggerated seriousness, like how she was badly injured but it was exaggerated into the words, “she is no more.” But still, I could kinda sense the tone of gravity, so I left the library and rushed back to SilverOak. There, our RCM friends were crying, and it was then and there that I realised that our friend, Manasi has really departed this world.

The rider Hersh is currently in hospital, slipping in and out of consciousness. But otherwise, he is responding to treatment and is on his way to recovery. Unlike Manasi, his injuries was more physical whereas hers was more internal.

Went to Manasi’s cremation ceremony today. A solemn affair. Friends were crying etc. She looked like how she always looked – beautiful. Like a sleeping angel. Manasi was the type of girl who is gorgeous (not just pretty) and unoe, not the beautiful but bitchy kinda person. She was a genuinely nice person, warm and friendly. I still remember her offering me ladoo (indian sweets) a few days ago, still remember her smile, her voice, her demeanour as I spoke to her on that fateful day. Life is really really fragile.

Hope she is in heaven where she belongs. Hope that her parents and loved ones have in themselves, the strength to pull through. And thanks Baldy, for answering prayers to keep the guy, Hersh safe. At least one more life is rescued. Now, I can only pray for him not to beat himself up with guilt over the death of Manasi. He, the rider, and she the pillion.

Sometimes, events as huge as such kinda keep our own lives in perspective. Like how I feel troubled by piffling little stuff, how my Adidas watch went missing in school (someone took it… dunno who! angry! sorry man dunman gang~ I really liked it too) all these were put into perspective with this unfortunate accident. The enormity of this incident, and the colossal questions about life that ensues, make my own troubles seem comparatively insignificant. Which is good in a sense, cuz I don’t feel that troubled anymore, but thankful that I’m safe and sound, that people I care about are too.

Hmm anyway if I were to die, *touch wood*, I would want to donate all my organs. Please pass on this msg okies. Just in case~ but yeah. Feeling quite normal, but it is nevertheless, kinda sad though, that such a young promising life was snuffed out, just like that. But as with Baldy, I guess I’ve learnt that some questions will never have answers, no matter how much you ask, no matter how long you ponder. And that with time, you can only learn to accept.

On a lighter note, Happy Mother’s Day mommy! Forgot to send you a card in advance though. Oh well, we can go pig out somewhere when I’m back alright! Till then take care and happy mother’s day to you mommy, and to Godma as well!




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  1. vanessa says:

    Hey Jasmine…

    sorry to hear about your friend. It’s true that life really works in unexpected ways. Don’t forget that your friend lives on in your memories and hearts.You guys take care~

  2. jasmine says:

    hey van…thanks and you too… take care yeah!!!! i mean it! dont be too stressed or anything!!!

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