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Nursing Cover Giveaway! 7 uses of nursing covers you never knew!

8 Sep , 2014  

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Hello all!

As you guys know, I have always been a supporter of the #normalizebreastfeeding campaign. Coupled with a I-don’t-bloody-care-who’s-looking-at-me-ye-friggin-voyeur attitude, I have always direct latched Ray outside. However, this upcoming weekend, our little family is gonna have a short getaway to KL with the whole extended Ong family to Malaysia, and Pips keeps scaring me about nursing Ray in public!

“You can’t latch in public in Malaysia! It’s frowned upon there!”
“The religious police will catch you!”

“Don’t you know, they catch people for holding hands in public during Valentine’s day and all that?”
“Don’t ask me to save you! Better bring a nursing cover!”

Well, though I am a mini rebel at times, and come across as a brazen little spitfire at others, I am largely a dutiful law-abiding citizen! Must be that 德明政府中学spirit instilled in me since secondary school days hurhur. That plus the fact that I am a scaredy cat and don’t relish a holiday behind bars.

[UPDATE: Mon 8 Sept: Yay survived bf Ray in public liberally! (Actually it was in the car and hotel most of the time LOL)]

So I whipped out my nursing cover and tried practicing using it with bubs. This is my first nursing cover and it is sponsored by Mummy’s Love Nursing Cover. It is not an advertisement though, in the sense that I am not paid for this post. Anyway, the nice ladyboss said that I could choose the design so yay! Thus, I pored through the designs, and there were a few that I liked..  Decisions decisions! I finally did choose a gorgeous cover in Leopard PREENS lol. It’s loud, taitaish and luxe, I love it!

The cover itself is roomy and soft, and I love the feel of it on my skin. I know that the material would be good for Rayray too, in the sense that it’s not gonna be prickly or stiff, you know. Naturally, I got very excited at trying out the nursing cover. The shopaholic and sometimes fashionista in me was happy at the idea of looking good while nursing.

Alas! 人算不如baby算! The first time I tried to nurse Ray under the cover, he just kept pulling at the cover and playing with it. After he got tired of playing with the cover, he tried to tug and climb his way out, and started to babble louder and louder till I had to let him bob his head up and out of the nursing cover! Sighs! #megafail!

The next time I tried to use the cover was when he was semi sleeping while being latched on. As we had to get out of the house into the car, I thought up a brilliant idea of latching him while walking to the car, all while being elegantly covered up in the nursing cover. Brilliant!

Well, it would have been perfect, had the touchy little bugger not feel a difference immediately and started tugging at the cover again. Sighs. This little guy is waaaaaay too alert and picky! So I kinda have given up on the idea of using the nursing cover, though, I suppose I will try it again in KL. Wish me luck!

Since I was given such a nice cover though and bubs is determined to be the kryptonite to my nursing cover, I had to improvise and came up with alternative uses for them instead… TADAH! hahah

#1 – Pumping in Office
For busy mamas at work, pumping is really essential but the bane of our lives too! I really hate pumping but it’s so necessary at the same time. Sighs, we can’t have it all, can we? So for busy moms who want to pump at their office desk, a nursing cover is an absolute must! Cardigans just don’t cut it. Below is a pic of me pumping at my desk. You can’t see the flanges sticking out because the cover is roomy enough, and if your pumping motor is quiet, others wouldn’t even know that you’re pumping (and hence, avoid those embarrassing questions) because the cover looks like a part of your fashionable clothing item. Pump while looking fashionable? Sign me up!
Yeah, that’s me pumping away at my desk! It would be perfect to pump at my desk but my motor is too noisy &%#@^@%%$@#^. Colleague commented that she could hear my motor from miles away( >__<)”

 #2 – Pumping on flights
For moms who have to fly while working, or who have a love affair with wanderlust, this nursing cover is perfect for pumping on flights for the same reasons as #1. The key is looking sassy while pumping, not frumpy, so no one will know you’re on a milk run, yippee!
Self explanatory! hahah. Can check with the flights on the power sockets needed!

#3 – Keeping the rain out
We were dining out at one of the participating restaurants for world breastfeeding week 2014 when it started raining and we had to get to our car without a brolly. I rummaged through my bag and saw the nursing cover, what a lifesaver! It won’t save bubs from a torrential rain but it certainly can keep light drizzles at bay
My Iphone photoshop skills are getting amazing (Yes, this noob level is considered amazing TO ME. Got a problem with that? hahah… 知足常乐 ok…) This is so Hayao Miyazaki animation level HAHAHA. I love his works!

#4 – Keeping warm
Why bother to bring an additional cardigan when the nursing cover serves well as one? It looks like a shawl, and can keep both bubs and you warm, cozy and cuddly at the same time. If both baby’s head and yours are big enough to fit through the hole, it means that the cover’s hole is big enough for you to peek at your baby just to make sure he’s comfy and nursing well.
Poor little Rayray was sick here. Look at his glazed over eyes. Poor bubs. Kindly ignore my flyaway, auntie hair. The nursing cover covered us nicely and both our heads could fit through! 

#5 – Stroller Cover
When bubs is sleeping in his stroller, and you want to keep the distracting lights out from waking him up while shopping, you can consider draping the cover across the stroller to keep out the lights. Our environment can quickly become over-stimulating for our babies, leading to a cranky lil one (trust me, you want to avoid the cranky stage as much as you can!)

#6 – Keep the crumbs out
Hurhur, how many of you babywearing parents had your baby fall asleep while you are having your meal, and you are guilty of dropping bits of fries and whatnots on his head? LOL. I am certainly guilty as charged. But by draping the nursing cover over yourself and little sleeping beauty, you keep the crumbs off the little one, and voila! A clean baby!

If only we had the foresight then to swish the nursing cover over Ray, he wouldn’t have had bits of egg in his hair lol… Yep he was sleeping while we were eating heheh

#7 – LOOKING GORGEOUS and watch your wardrobe expand!
Ok, so this one on the list is not really an alternative use of nursing cover but it is the ONE REASON that I wish Ray would latch under a nursing cover. With a nursing cover, it doesn’t matter what clothes or dresses I wear when I am out with him and ALL my pre-pregnancy clothes will be available for me to choose. ALL OF THEM!  Sadly, I am down to the same few articles of clothing all the time now, and wedding dinners, believe you me, are a bigger headache in terms of my sartorial choices Zzzz….

So that’s my list for now, and for mamas who wanna win a nursing cover, it’s really easy to do so without costing a SINGLE CENT. FREE FREE FREE! Me likey free stuff! What’s more, you get to choose your own fabulous, fashionable nursing cover. Who says being a mom means you gotta be a frumpy old maid? NO, we modern moms reject that idea! This is what you need to do to win that gorgeous nursing cover waiting for you!

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Thanks all, and happy breastfeeding!



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