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My little Walker

27 Feb , 2015  

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Cutiepie has been learning to walk for some time now but just over the past 3 days or so, has walked fairly steadily by himself. Feels as if it is an overnight change and he can suddenly walk so well! He can even get up and down and wipe the floor LOL.

Before he got to this stage though, he would often signal for me to hold his hands so that he can zip around the house quickly. Oftentimes, Pips and I and the Lee village would encourage him to walk without handholding, thereby helping him to gain the confidence to do so. We do this by sitting on opposite sides and let him leave one parent into the arms of another.

Whenever bubs is with me, I don’t use the walker and let him practise walking as much as he likes! We do this by going out for walks too, which is a nice family bonding time! Over the period of CNY, the smart little critter has learnt how to pick out his shoes (typically placed at the gate), put the shoes at his feet and command the big people by saying loudly “walk walk”. Pips says bubs 100% takes after his mama in this aspect hahah!

Below is a video of the stage bubs was at before he got to being an independent walker.

How is your little walker doing?

Another milestone checked, my baby is growing so fast!

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