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My India Address & Valentine’s day

14 Feb , 2007  

If anyone wants to send me love letters, or Bak Kwa etc, this is my address:

Mail to: Jasmine Lee
MICA, Shela Ahmedabad
380 058 India
Silveroak 10

Anyways, today is the loooooveeeeee day for all lovebirds. Yup, it is St Valentine’s day. Jo was asking me yesterday, what day it was today. I immediately answered, meat day (Wednesday). Guess this is the meaning Valentine’s day holds for us sad singles. Boo Hoo!

stp64631.JPGBut Jo and I received flowers for Valentine’s day though!!! Hahah.. Guess who gave it to us?


Yeah it is Kenneth! He knocked on our door at 930 in the morning today (Jo and I were still ZzZing), all dressed up in his spiffy clothes, with two bouquets of flowers for us! hahah. Joanne has her first flowers from a guy today!(to think she warned Kenneth agst giving her flowers last night…Cuz she was saying how she wanted her first flowers from a guy to be someone she likes… hohoho… too bad Ken alr had the flowers then!)

Our black knight in shining armour! And when he was gone….

the catfight started!

hahah but aiyah no lah, Jo’s love and mine run so deeply, there’s no way a little Kenneth will destroy the grandeur of it! Hmm but looking at the pics, I think we looked waaaaaaaay underdressed for Vday compared to Kenneth! Back in our dorms, Jo and I continued horsing around. And so we present to you, the Miss Universe candidates, F9, Jasmine Lee from Singapore and F10, Joanne Lee from Singapore as well…

stp64658.JPG stp64657.JPG

After we were done with our Miss Universe duties of loving peace and saving the world, we decided to do something for Kenneth on this special day (since we didnt get him anything. Oops!) So being the sweet little angels that we are, we dressed up his door!


The many little hearts were pasted on the door by us and every little heart contains sweet messages like:

“Honeybuns, you’re my one and only – Love, Marie”
“Dear Kenneth, ever since you appeared in my life, I know what Heaven is like – Love, Josephine”
“Dear Kenneth, you’re my sunshine. From: Moon”

so sweet hor! Now the whole of Palash will know how popular Kenneth is like. So far, he hasnt discovered the love door yet hee hee…

Another issue… I am getting fat in India! Oh my god! Joanne and I are obsessing over our double chins which is increasingly getting worse! Goodness! At the risk of being stuck on the shelf forever, I am posting this picture to show the gravity of my situation:
Boo Hoo! I am turning into a Miss Piggy! Die! And it’s not like I’m doing anything to help myself! We just went to ZK (this nice place in old Ahmedabad) for dinner, and we ate so SO much! I ate until my tummy felt horrible, and I had to put feng you. Den after that, cuz I put so much feng you, my tummy burned okie. Horrible horrible. But oh well, it was a good meal. LOTS of MEAT. Actually we only ate meat. hahah. The Fish Briyani, Prawn Briyani, 2 types of kebabs, butter chicken, chicken drumsticks, etc was delicious! And cuz it is Vday today, I am eating chocolates (that I bought for myself lah. Who else will buy me chocs) in my room! Yippee. And cuz it is CNY on Sunday, we’re gg out to feast at a restaurant called Curries on Saturday (reunion dinner) w some of our MICAN friends, and eating buffet at this hotel (just the 3 of us) called Le Meridien on Sunday. Yay! hahah.

Oh well, I’ll think about my worsening double chin problem after CNY.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lotsa Love, Hugs and Kisses!


13 Responses

  1. Jacob says:

    I swear that you consume more meat in India than you will normally do in Singapore.
    So much for the vegetarian diet there.

  2. jasmine says:

    hey hey hey!!!!!!!! u dunno the pains of having restricted meat okies! hahah… You, who can have meat anytime u want =P hahah

  3. Jin says:

    jasmine!!! my first tag here hoho! omg ken will always be ken wherever he is LOL so sweet of him! anyway u are DAMN FUNNY on ur blog can HAHAHAHAHA and u sure ur camera is not at a weird angle or not when u took tt “double chin” pic?! i mean ur face looks a lot smaller on the first pic!!! anyway im reali glad u seem to be having so much fun over there leh. isit better than wad u anticipated? =)


  4. jasmine says:

    hahah yah. Bet Renyi tt lazy pig didnt do anything for you guys hahahahha. Although Khaiyan will be quite sad tt we stole Kenneth away! She was like, “WHAT? KENNETH GAVE YOU GUYS FLOWERS? SOB” or smth like tt hahahah. OOh and Kenneth actually ordered the flowers such that one bouquet is supposed to be of jasmine flowers (for me) and the other roses (for Jo) but oh well, it ended up a mix i think.

    And SOBS, no…. i dont think the camera angle is weird. I am really turning into a Miss Piggy. I am DEAD. Khaiyan was laughing at my pic too, and said she wld never post such a horrendous pic of herself. Sob. But nvm, I have alr made arrangements w my friend to go dating agency when i go back Singapore, wanna join us? hahahhah

  5. khaiyan says:

    i dont like u very much.




  6. jasmine says:

    it’s ok ky. I noe u like ken v much. and tt’s good enough. Im still sending your love ard hahahaha. Anws Ken is too quirky for me n Jo. Way too quirky hahahha so dont worry abt us snatching him cuz we’d never do tt! We’ll keep an eye out for him though, to make sure he doesnt stray etc hahahha

  7. vanessa says:

    Haha…ken is still ken even he is miles away from home! Sorry KY, Jo and Jasmine got their flowers from Ken so here’s sending you a late happy valentine’s day consolation 😛 Great job on the door! Haven’t got around to update my adventures on Valentine’s day! Once I get the pictures from my friend’s cam I will update you on it too!

    P.S. Happy Chinese New Year Jas, Ken and Jo!

  8. jasmine says:

    hahah this page is turning out to be qt funny… I love having digs at Khai yan hahahahahhahaha… Yeah Van, update your blog soon!!!!!!!! And as for the birth number 3, i dunno the details cuz i deleted it (i got it from a MICA email)

  9. khaiyan says:

    oh linzy dearest i love u too.

    muacks. =(

  10. Ren says:

    Omg i just found this comment option like a few seconds ago! So much hot gossip going on without my notice! O the pain! Anyways Jas, in Japan gals give guys presents and I know how you are so into Jap culture anyways~~
    Hope u all had a hot valentine and um well im here, Happy Chinese New year!
    (yeah eat some hot pork Jas!)

  11. jasmine says:

    Dearest Renyi…. There is NO Bak kwa here damn sad lah! But I ate alot as usual. Just came back from Le Meridien hotel buffet dinner! Ate as much as Kenneth although Joanne and Kenneth says tt there is nth to be proud of…-_-… Oh well. Eh how! I think I am getting fatter! But I dont dare to weigh myself hahahha. MY bros keep on challenging me to weigh myself! Assholes right grrr… Anyways MISS ALL of you guys (although i think i miss Bak Kwas more hahha..

  12. vanessa says:

    Hey Jasmine you said that India is very much like Singapore just more curry? Well, sorry…hahaha…..I got Bak Kwa, pineapple tarts and love letters to eat in London!! Wahahaha! Plus with the large population of HK Chinese here in London, it is even more happening than in Singapore!!! 😛

    Got to eat HK dim sum lunch and steamboat reunion dinner too!

    I bet your Le Meridien Hotel Buffet Dinner was good too? Cheers~

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