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My future Home

4 Jan , 2009  

Well.. just wanted to note things I want in my own home before I ever forget them


  1. A kitchen cabinet
  2. A wide and deep washing sink so all the big pots and pans can fit in it.
  3. Kitchen cupboards with sliding mechanisms (like my hse now) for easy retrieval of big pots and pans.
  4. A paper towel, aluminum foil and clear plastic wrap dispenser.
  5. Cute aprons for me and my hubby
  6. Lots of Lock & Lock to store food prepared by husband’s parents
  7. Lots of IKEA style plastic cups so that I don’t break the darn cutlery. Less porcelain and glasses please. It is the childhood trauma from breaking one too many glass at 6.15 a.m in the morning and desperately trying to clear them before mom wakes up.


  1. Switches for the lights in my room right beside my bed a la hotel style.
  2. Bedside table so I can put my laptop there or my book there after I read it.
  3. Bedside lamp so I can read a book if my husband wants to sleep.
  4. A plush bed cover on top of my bed (covering the blankets and pillows) so that dust is kept out.
  5. A nice TV in my bedroom


  1. Marble floor (willing to condescend)
  2. Leather sofa (willing to condescend on this if I can have other things my way. Hey I grew up all my life thinking my sofa would be leather ok! No need to wash the covers is a huge huge plus point!)
  3. Closed bookshelves and cabinets
  4. Big wardrobe with alot of space for hanging clothes instead of folding them.
  5. A part-time maid (to wash bedsheets and all that. Hate to do all the big big stuff)
  6. The less junk in my house, the better. My house is kinda big with lots of junk to fit.
  7. A functional outside toilet that my kids can use, instead of fighting with me for MY bathroom toilet. That’ll be THEIR + guests’ toilet
  8. A storeroom with wide shelves and big plastic containers in which things are labeled and neatly placed in.
  9. Plants like lime, pandan (useful plants and not lame stuff like money plant) are planted outside my house’s corridor.
  10. Hopefully I have a wide space outside my house, and not those long skinny corridors where you can’t do nuts.
  11. Windows with curtains that do not stretch beyond the height of the window.
  12. L-shaped sofa.
  13. Maybe one of those horse sitting thingy (the galloping horse machine or there’s a new one by panasonic) to whip me n my husband into shape while watching TV.
  14. From when people enter my house, there is the shoe area which is a little square floor space lower than the other parts of the house’s floor, so that dirt doesn’t get in. (inspiration from Steph’s house)
  15. A non-glass dining table so that it is easy to clean and wipe.

Yup that’s it for now I suppose. Silly things like painting a mural in my kid’s room I shan’t elaborate because oh well, I might not have the energy to do that if I’m slogging my guts out in the corporate world and have to deal with a hungry wailing baby at night! hahah…

22 almost 23 yo Jasmine!


3 Responses

  1. QueenPig says:

    wah jas! u stun me sometimes! 😀

  2. jasmine says:

    hahah WHY? dont you have ideas and ideals abt ur own home?

  3. QueenPig says:

    not just this.. the post after this too! haha…

    it’s like telling me u’re getting married and alr thinking of wad to put in ur home with him! hee..

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