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4 Jan , 2009  

Hey all

Doing my leg exercises (physiotherapy) to help my operated-on leg regain muscles  so I can lose the robocop Jas look.

Another year has just passed by, silently but eventfully. I’ve been to Shanghai and back, got to know Pips and the Shanghai gang like Kelvin, John, had a leg op, and am now in rehab mode… It’s been an eventful year, and it’s been great.

I guess in the year that just passed, Ong Lai Huat has got to be the best thing that happened to me in 2008. The highlight of my year. With him, it feels different. Like I feel that he truly accepts me for who I am, cares about me and takes care of me. With him, I feel loved and blissful.

I don’t know when it was, that I formed the idea that the rest of my life will be spent with this charming little man. It kinda moved or transcended into this stage easily, the ease which we felt with the other, the care and concern and yes, the practicalities involved as well. Such as saving enough money before being able to get married.

I wonder if it’s the love chemicals that make me see a star in you, that make me think of you and smile sheepishly before being knocked into reality, “silly Jasmine!’ I feel blessed and know that I am blessed in knowing you, in being with you (and of course it is vice versa… I’m like how good a catch! hahah) and in this happiness of mine, I cannot help but indulge in this bliss, at times, a little excessively to my friends’ chagrin probably hahah. I hope then, that they meet their own Pips, and we can all be happy together.

Thanks for appearing in my life. Baldy, did you orchestrate that? Thanks for making a seeming non-entity, another fellow co-worker into a man who made a space for himself in my world, and for making me see a whole new world with him. He’s taught me things, and is teaching me things… Like how to be patient. Nowhere near mastering that yet too, as John said, we’re all kancheong spiders, but learning. And at other times, I teach him things. The best times of all, is when we learn and discover together, be it about the other, or new unexplored grounds together.

You are the highlight of my 2008, and safe in the knowledge that I’m yours too, let’s explore the rest of our years together and help paint highlights in each other’s life.

I love you, and thank you for taking so much care of me throughout my operation. And my family and friends too, for showing concern. To those who visited me, thanks so much. I may be a joker and not express my thanks, but I remember you, all of you who showed concern and all. Thanks guys! And let us walk on in the glorious path of great friendships together, sharing and giggling, happy in our years of knowing one another.



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