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16 Jan , 2007  

Dear Diary                                                                    Nov 29 2006

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Forgive me for using the words “dear diary” as an opening statement in the world of blogs, but it just feels weird using “Dear Blog” as an opening statement, doesn’t it? Hmm Anyways, when i was little, I read somewhere that it is always good to introduce yourself in a diary, cuz in case u die or mysteriously disappeared, your legacy would be left behind, so here goes:

My full name is Jasmine Lee Lin Zhi and I grew up in a family of 5 – I have 2 younger brothers Benji and Nick, and it is no thanks to THEM that I’ve been labelled a tomboy for much of my life. I mean seriously, when sisters fight, they fight by bitching, hair-pulling and scratching the eyeballs out of each other, but well, when we fight, we FIGHT. we dont scream or yell, we BELLOW. We don’t backstab, we just punch the living daylights out of one another. Thankfully though, these days we don’t fight much anymore. Afterall, I am older and much more mature.

me n nick my brother!

But like when Benji (who just got into judo and uses his moves for the wrong purposes. It’s for defence dude!) tries to throw me with his judo moves, of course, in natural self-defence we will have one of those play-fight thing. I doubt these kinda stuff happen much in a girly girl world. So don’t blame me if Im boyish or whatever. This is as good as it gets.

So i guess from my background, some of my personality traits can be seen yeah? (unless you as a reader, are incredibly dense). I am a little boyish, straightforward, dislike backstabbers, am family-oriented and quite easy-going. Hmm I am also very messy and disorganized, but way better than Benji and faring a little worse than Nick. I love my friends as well, and I cherish friendships quite abit. I love reading books and playing sports as well. I am not rich, quite poor in fact hahah, so I’m always broke! Therefore I’ve great big ambitions: I believe that working one’s whole life means that you’ll earn a satisfactory amt and live a satisfactory lifestyle, but that you’ll always be stuck in the rat race. In life, it is necessary to take calculated risks.

Now that my basic personality trait is known, I shall talk a little more about blogging. I never believed in me setting up a blog. It’s troublesome, and I thought that it would never fulfill the purpose it sets out to achieve – writing about one’s true feelings. I mean, I’m definitely not gg to write about how much PAP sucks in a public blog and all that and risk something. If I were to do that, I’d do it in secret right? Isn’t there a saying that goes along the lines of those who lives, lives to fight another day? For the record though, I am a PAP supporter, so you readers, don’t get any funny ideas about throwing me in jail. But well, that’s my main grouse about blogging anyways.

Over time though, I’ve realised that there are more to blogging than exploring one’s personal feelings. Look at Xiaxue: her blog is like a commercial blog! ( can’t really confirm that since i don’t read blogs) Blogs are also set up for the purpose of business as it is easy to use, all the basic framework is there etc. (after learning how to do a flash website, I’ve great respect for websites)

For me, I’m gg to India on a 6 months exchange program from January 2007-June 2007, so my blog is for the purpose of keeping all those who care about me, updated about my life! For people who haven’t visited India, my future entries might be a good place to check out the place. I’ll be going to Western India, the capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad so yep. Maybe I should implore the government to have me as a singapore youth ambassador to India or something hahah. Anyways yep… that’s all for my first entry of musings.

Just to let you guys know, this is what will be on my blog in future entries:
1) Less of personal musings and talking about myself
2) My travel experiences in India (includes the school MICA- Mudra Institute of Ahmedabad, a post grad sch)
3) I’ve always wanted to write the Great Singapore Novel (much like the great american novel) so I’ll be publishing stories that I’m writing on this blog. They’re supposed to be funny so please dont call me and say something like “Jasmine, the story you wrote, what is its genre? Is a a tragedy?” I’ll kill u hahha
4) I’ll probably post pictures of the places I go to there too so yep, get ready for the Great Indian Escapade!
5) Other travel adventures
6) Food!

Lotsa Love



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