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MICA Senior Farewell Party & Ken Strikes again! Lol

2 Apr , 2007  

Hey guys

The past few days were a flurry of activities:

  • 25th aka 26th March, stroke of midnight: Bday dunking followed by mini party at Dinanaath’s room
  • 26th March: recovering from a li’l hangover followed by an outing to Mocha’s where we tried sheesha pipes~
  • 27th: MICA senior farewell party
  • 28th: slacking at home, pondering about the aftereffects of the party haha
  • 29th: Went to Mocha’s again (juz the 3 of us. No sheesha this time! Just sinful desserts and delectable food
  • 30th: Breakfast buffet at Pride Hotel (Ken strikes again!) haha

Okies let me recount some of the happenings of the party. The 3 of us have never attended any parties held in school before… (quite AP I know, but we take time to warm up to people, and now that we’ve really warmed up to the MICANs, our friends and classmates are leaving for their summer internships to all parts of India, while we’ll be here in MICA, taking some other courses. Stinks)

The party was thrown by the junior batch (PGP1) for the senior/graduating batch (PGP2) this year. In simpler terms, it is an excuse to party hahah. Jo and I took damn long to dress up (the pains of being a girl) and we were fashionably late for the party, reaching Palaash at 1am. The last time we went to the party, We were there from 10pm onwards, dressed in our best Pajamas and shorts, waiting to start the party. Needless to say, the dance floor was absolutely empty, and after waiting till 12midnight, we drank some cold cocoa and went back to sleep hahah.

This time though, knowing that our friends are leaving etc, we were all dressed up, determined to party properly for once (another reason why we were so enthusiastic about partying is cuz we freaking paid 20 bucks SGD for it, so we better utilize our cash hahah. I know i know, damn Singaporean right).  We hung around, clicking photos like crazy and  took photos with our gal pals, with the guys as well etc… A picture says a thousand words, so let the pics do the talking…


That’s Jo’s 王子… Hahah. 王子的真名是Harshivijay. Harsh is the oldest guy in the Yr 1 batch, having had vast work experience prior to entering MICA. Typically, most post grad schools accept students who have years of work experience but MICA is quite the exception. The youngest students in our batch (3 of them) are born in the year of 86, which is Jo’s age and mine. That is damn young to be getting a post grad degree! Oh well, I’m one quarter an MBA student come June! Hee…
See Ankit up above with Jo? That guy is damn funny lah. He is always lost and looks the part. Hahah and he ALWAYS get himself into funny, sticky situations, like totally. We had this class, CIM (Consumer Insight Mining, which essentially is a very diluted version of CS105, Comm Research, and yes we are clearing ONE module for that under some Prescribed Electives… Cheaterbugs hahah) and Ankit didn’t hand in his assignment on time. So he wrote an email to the professor, telling her that he was unwell, which was why he didn’t hand in the assignment, and asked for an extension. Meanwhile, HE was at the PARTY. Hmm the next day, I uploaded the Party pics on junk drive, an internet port network drive which every MICAN has access to. Somehow, the professor got a pic of Ankit smiling so happily with Jo, emailed him back with that particular pic attachment, saying, “somehow, you don’t appear to be so sick in this photo. I’ll be grading you accordingly.” Damn funny lah! He is always doing this kinda kuku shit n getting caught for it…. Hahah freaking joker…

And that’s ham, my URS (Urban Retail Studies) project mate, and Drithi, one of the girls that we frequently hang out with. Ham is like a typical nice guy you noe, the kind of guy that I should like hahaha. Well I do like him but not that way… Still I’m gonna miss him loads and loads! And Drithi is like one of the hottest babes on campus… guys love her kohl-lined eyes and she exudes an intelligent sexiness and charm. Drithi recently turned omnivorous (she was a vegetarian before) and she absolutely loves it. Yeah attaway girl! Hehe.

In India, they also have this diet where you supposedly don’t eat anything but potatoes or fruits the entire day, and god is supposed to bless you with a good husband. Ten days I think. Hmm maybe when I go back to Singapore and is still a frumpy little woman, I’ll be desperate enough to try it hhaha. Stop laughing all you suckers who are happily attached! Anybody wanna try with me? Steps? Jing? Van? hahah

At the party, I took lotsa photos. Non-veg and veg food like kebabs, paneer (cottage cheese, a lovely dish. They actually cook cottage cheese in like curry, make it into kebabs etc. It grows on you, and now we love paneer!) were served, along with alcohol and cold cocoa (rich cocoa with chocolate bits and wad not in it. Deelish! There was also a funky ice-shot counter where there is this HUGE block of ice, and a path is cut where they drizzle pure whisy/vodka shots down straight into your mouth. Absolutely funky!

That’s the ice shot thingy up above! hahah funky yeah! Hmm and there was also a tarot card station and mine read one night stand! hahah so duh~
That’s Palak in the picture with us. She read my palm one day in class and said that I would be married around the age of 24 or 25? Really? Yay! And that I’ll have two kids, will change or have changed the course of my studies (hmm does Arts in Tjc to Comm Studies in SCI count? Or maybe it means SCI to MICA which is a biz like thing), and that I’ll have a few flings before I marry though! OOh KINKY hahah… Nahz… Too many flings will kill me hahah, one will be more than enough lol! And for guys out there, tsk tsk, girls’ idea of flings TOTALLY doesn’t INCLUDE sex alright~ Oh my! I hope what Palak says is true (except for the fling part… gonna ignore that!) cuz i want to get married by 25 to a nice, chubby, funny and rich guy who’ll take me travelling around the world (sometimes we can bring my mommy too! yay so fun!)

Hmm that’s about it for the party! On 30th, we went for Breakfast Buffet at Pride Hotel and were totally worked up for sausages, bacons and pancakes. The night before, Jo and Ken called the hotel to ask them about the breakfast menu the next morning and guess what the hotel staff said? “We haven’t decided the menu.” WHAT THE FREAK? TOTALLY DYNAMIC can…. Goodness! hahah. So we just decided to go and check it out. Bloody hell! Major disappointment can! No ham, no sausages, no bacon, no pancakes! No no no no no!!!!!!! Argh. They had minced mutton though, which was nice but thoda namarck (that translates to ‘a lil salty’… eh my hindi is damn zai now… can bring you all to little india and speak like a local there. Funky can).

Enough about the disappointing food. I was crushed. Like majorly crushed. It’s like having a lover whom you thought you were gonna see after 3 longs months, snatched away from you at the last possible moment. freak. Life’s unfair huh. Well the upside of the day is that Ken was totally funky on this day again! hahah check out his COOL NEW TIBETAN SUMMER COLLECTION.


The MICANs were asking us whether Ken’s outfit was a Singapore traditional costume can! OH MY GOD! hahah I was horrified for Singapore lol! And being Singapore’s proud ambassador to India, I staunchly replied, “In case you guys think this is Singapore’s national costume, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” yeah. The Nooooooo was extra long for the additional horrifying special effects hahah. The BEST part was when we were at Pride hotel, we met PAT (Prof Atul Tandan), MICA’s director as well as our tutor there, (along with some other students) and he asked Ken “why the muffler.” I was so tempted to answer for Kenneth, “Cuz Sir, I’m freezing… I feel really cold despite the 38 degrees celsius.” hahah. Of course I didn’t though. Just tempted to.

Yup so those are the pics that we took at Pride Hotel. Hmm and we just had a convocation ceremony on 31st March, where the Year 2 batch graduated. It was a pretty grand affair, with speeches by students, ppt slides of the students’ time in the school etc etc. Now, our fellow classmates have left for their summer internships, and the year 2s have left MICA, for good. It’s quite depressing actually. I really feel attached to this school, where the school culture is really, really strong. I’ve had so much fun here, pfaffing and lazing around, hanging out at Chota canteen and Tongue Ticklers when the school’s canteen food sucks, (which happens quite often hahah. They have this soya masala which is an ansolute KILLER. Soyaballs in fishball texture, drowned in curry. EEYucks). And Thomas, the Yr 2 exchange student here who graduated with PGP2, sent out this email to the school, saying that it is sad for his B school back in France, ESCEM, but that he truly felt more attached to MICA. On reading that particular email, I really felt his words resonate within me. All the memories, all the hanging out together 24/7, all the late night movie screenings at SH-1, the birthday celebrations, the festivals celebrated together, the lunchtime talks….

It’s really a tight-knit community here. Hopefully I won’t cry when I have to leave in June. So ugly can. Maybe I will cry cuz I have to go back SCI and mug. The thought thoroughly depresses me hahah. Anyway, by the time you guys read this, I will be off on a 2 week holiday to Agra (Taj Mahal), Delhi and Jaipur (where Richard Gere filmed the VISA commercial – More birds, more luck). Ahhh so sad! I don’t wanna go back to Singapore!



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  1. g k says:

    hmmpf. the director sucks bigtime. what a wannabe loser he is.

  2. jasmine says:

    yo whoever you are i gotta say tt Pat the director is one cool guy okies!

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