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Man U vs Sunder & Lvp vs Derby County

2 Sep , 2007  

The first match played at abt 8pm (Sg time) was Liverpool versus Derby. What a match seriously. Liverpool totally whooped Derby’s ass like nobody’s business. A freaking 6-0 rout. I am a Manchester United fan and by default, not supposed to sing praises of the enemy, BUT Liverpool was really BRILLIANT. Their passes were slick, and their one-touches were good; providing many moments of fluid movement that flowed silkily and ploughed forwards.

Their movement was converted into goals too, which was exceptional to say the least. Torres scored a brace, as did Alonso, as well as Babel and Veronin. Torres is good man, certainly a sharp buy by Benitez. He’s quick on his feet and outran his markers several times. Alonso was brilliant, but he has always been good. His curling effort smacked of brilliance through and through. Veronin came on as a substitute and promptly scored not long after, due to his good positioning. Ahhh the many aspects in which Man U can learn from Liverpool!

I mean, sure, Derby County are a bottom team but can’t that be said of Sunderland too? If not for the solitary winner by Saha, it rather appeared as if Sunderland could easily keep Man U in check. Sure, Craig Gordon had to save a couple of times but surely he wasn’t stretched much by those shots (save for a late effort by Hargreaves).

What happened to the slick wing play that Man U is known for? It was shut down without much effort by Sunderland each time, and this denied Man U much chances to shoot as they lost possession of the ball. Often times, because the Sunderland players were packed in their own half, concentrating more on defending, they snuffed out seemingly early threats from Man U and the Red Devils had to pass the ball backwards alot of time.

Where is the exciting football Man U is known for??? Nick said, “I’m damn sleepy and I’m not staying up to watch a boring match.” How true…

Eagles was not sparkling in his role. I can understand why Ferguson wants to play him, to give him some experience et al, BUT for all the positive news abt this young player, he certainly doesn’t live up to the hype. Let’s just hope that he was ahem, overwhelmed by the occasion though. Anderson, hmm where was he? It was good that Saha came on for him, kinda saved Man U’s butt. However, it’s not as if Saha’s goal was a spectacular moment of brilliance. In fact, it seemed as if he didn’t even exactly meant for it to be a goal. It appeared to be one of those moments in which you play pool, meaning the ball to go into this hole, and no, it doesn’t go into that hole, but tyco enough, into another hole. What crap. The ball appeared to have gone into goal from hitting the back/side of his head.

I can’t believe I am saying this man. Liverpool’s football is MORE exciting than Man U. How can this be???? This match consisted of alot of youngsters, BUT Arsenal’s too right? And YET, Arsenal’s play was quick, intelligent and exciting, the last time I saw them play one week ago. So what’s Man U’s excuse? And how about the youth academy at Manchester??? It’s degenerating! The youngsters had their pants stolen in the match that they played previously. We need a new genre of players in the mold of the golden batch of Scholes, Giggs, Becks etc.

Ronaldo is good, having learned to tone down his flashiness to more productive work. But his control of his temperament and maturity still has a long way to go. I’m also not very confident of his loyalty to Man U despite signing a new contract. When he saw Man U play the way they played, who knows? He might be thinking of defecting huh! Rooney is good, but similar to Tevez although I think he is better. I’m afraid though, that he might fall into the injury prone category like Saha. Hoho, good game then Man U. I wonder where the goals will come from.

What we really need is a striker in the mold of Van Nistelrooy. Critics might call him a cheapo guy, but hey, he delivers the goods so who’s complaining? Watching Man U’s performances thus far this season, the support in the box is very weak; there’s no support when balls are pumped into the area, and the finishing is very poor. With a striker like RVN, he will be able to position himself nicely and latch onto those loose passes and convert them into goals. There are a couple of times when goals could have converted, but the lack of support and poor finishing made Man U’s matches frustrating to watch! While I’m on the topic of strikers, I think Man U needs some taller players too huh. I am not exactly the tallest of creatures at 1.58, but hey, I’m a GIRL tall enough to fulfil the height requirement of a Singapore girl so who’s complaining?

And well, it’s not like Van de saar is lousy but come on, the guy is old! We need younger ones I feel. I gotta give him credit for saving tt 3 shots from Chelsea though hahah, that was brilliant but then again, when it boils down to penalty shootouts, alot of it is abt luck and Cech is certainly better than Van De Saar.

Oh well, it is still early in the season but looking at Man U play the way they are playing right now, I think we can kiss the EPL trophy goodbye huh? And the Champions League too.. Oh man!!!!!!!!!! I hope Liverpool wins it if Man U doesn’t though. Dont feel that Arsenal is up to the task while I simply detest Moneybags Chelsea. Fancy trying to bid for Ronaldinho! Hmmph as if Barca would let! Argh on the other hand, if Man U could just get Eto’o…

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