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8 Jul , 2008  

I’m back home and every little puzzle piece is starting to fall nicely back into the picture. As if I had never left.

Leaving for Shanghai, I knew I was going to embark on another adventure, a life like Singapore, and yet unlike Singapore. Topmost on my mind was the extra edge this overseas internship would add to my resume, and I guess that was the biggest plus factor for me, and the reason why I applied to a company in the logistics field, n not the typical field for Communication Studies.

What a decision that turned out to be, considering I came back with someone important, a fellow NTU student turned colleague, lunch buddy, a hanging out kaki in the same overseas clique, and a boyfriend. In that order. It is amazing how this little pineapple has grown on me in more ways than one, and I’m happy for all the coincidences and chance and fate that brought us together.

By a mixture of chance, coincidences, timing and fate:

1) He applied for Oracle Shanghai, but they didn’t take in interns. Hence SCL.
2) I applied for Coca-Cola Beijing, but they didn’t take in interns. Hence SCL.
By coincidence, we worked in the same company. As the only two interns. The first girl-boy pairing in the company. hahah the success of a girl-boy pairing hahah
3) He applied for Shanghai alone, with no defined clique of friends.
4) I applied for SH w Jo, but I chose to live alone.
By choice and chance, we hung out in the same clique.

5) By timing, chance & fate, we got together. Liking each other at the right time, expressing of feelings at the right time (I cannot stress how important this is!).. somehow we got together.

And I feel so blessed and happy. A settled happiness with sweet notes of bliss, knowing that I am safe in his warm hands.

That if rain shd fall, he’d shield my head. That if loud noises threaten, he’d cover my ears. Small little actions that mean nothing, yet sends a wave of golden warmth that tingles throughout.

I am so glad he is who he is, albeit a lil dense, albeit a lil engineerish with the “I don’t know,” “I don’t care”, “errrrr up to you”, but I love him all the same.

And for him, I would want to try to be the best that I can be, to do things that I know he’d like, to watch the programs he likes to watch, to know the things his life is about (although computer coding is seriously beyond me), to discover the l’il bits about him that makes him him, and makes him mine.

And as my knowledge of him, and us, grow with the passage of time, the “us” now will grow with time too. And I’m excited about that. Excited about this lifelong journey of discovery.

As you are mine, I am yours. As long and as far as time takes us


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