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20 Mar , 2009  

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING IT TO HARVARD MISS LIM YAN STEPHANIE!!!!!!!! Hahah… too shy to say it? I SHALL ANNOUNCE IT FOR YOU! NO NEED TO FEEL SHY NO MORE! hahah. Yes YEs YES! YOU READ RIGHT! Stephanie, “quite-the-genius” Lim is going to HARVARD where Bill Gates was from, where Mark Zuckerberg was from… yeah… She is heading there, where the Harvard air very possibly increases everyone’s IQ by about a hundred quotients? hahah… Congrats babe! Happy for you!

Ok… Now on to other stuff… Steph has had her 5 secs of fame in my blog. hahah. Please congratulate her when you next see her!

Watched the Japanese movie, おくりびとOkuribito (Departures) by Yōjirō Takita, recently with Pips, his dajie, erjie and Han (Pip’s erjie’s soon-to-be husband in June), and it was a really, really good film. The fact that the film won the Academy award for best foreign language film at the 81st Oscars in 2009 and the Japan Academy Prize for Picture of the Year at the 32nd Japan Academy Prize is testament to my endorsement of the film. I would also like you to note that I have a life besides FYP. It is the smallest kinda life though…these moments when I do actually have a life besides lugging a 500 page book on Gaming Identity is… what do you call that? Few and far between hahah…)

The film approached the theme of death initially with a generous amount of humor, and it was funny to see the protagonist’s horror at being stuck with a job and being put through uncomfortable positions that he had no way of rejecting (a japanese or more subdued asian culture, where people don’t disagree/reject outrightly).  This is the comic distance that I learnt from my film class, where we laugh at another’s misfortune because there is some distance placed between the audience and the protagonist, and we see the sequence that follows in a humorous light instead of his pain and anguish. If we were to be put in his position, *spoiler alert* – being jabbed in the ass and having it broadcast on national tv, it wouldn’t be quite as funny to us then…

And watching it, with the theme being centered on death, I was wondering how the director could maintain the tone of humor effectively, and probably in a sense, I am right. The director transited the movie smoothly from a humorous angle to a more sombre tone with penetrating touches of sensitivity and basically, a much more emotional angle.

It was a good film, one of the best I watched this year, and yes, it is BETTER than Slumdog millionaire. Maybe it is my soft spot for Japanese stuff or simply the fact that I love dark humor, or clever humor, or maybe just plain humor (no dumbass slapstick gimmick shtick please). And the way the director handled it was very deft,  a few light touches here and there, that left indelible prints that warms the little corners that it presses on. Lovely movie really.

And well that day was a lovely day spent with Pips as well. Swimming with him and his dajie. He managed to carry me with ease, without sweat finally… and the water did help alot obviously. The clever boy attempted to throw me up and catch me like the champion that he is but the moment that his hands were raised above water level, his reaction went something like, OH MY GOD, SO HEAVY, and just as quickly, he dropped me without catching me. hahah. So much for the champion huh.

His poor dajie was also subjected to us playing the monkeys. Throwing goggles, catching them. Diving and grabbing legs. piggybacking on the water. Swimming in one breath ( I did one entire breadth of the pool, and amazing Pips did one entire lap. WOW. Kids, do not attempt this unless you are 21 and above. Which I am). Aqua jogging. And the nicest thing we did was to swim backstroke holding hands =)

Jinny was asking me the other day about these two questions:
(1) What pecentage of uni students do you think have sex on the first date? (includes one night stands and the likes)
(2) What percentage of students do you think had sex in the past 6 months?

What is your answer? My answer was pretty close to the actual figures… Dunno how or where Jinny got the figures from though… don’t ask me, ask her…

(1) 8% [sex on first date] (My guess: 5%. Pip’s guess: 5%)
(2) 26% [sex in the last 6 months] (My guess: 35%. Pip’s guess: 30%)

Dont ask me anything. I have no theories about that hahah.

Oh, and was hanging out with Kel n Jo today and Kel showed me this website which is really cool…

Basically it is an astrological website, and it is a great one cuz it says that Pips and I are the perfect match! Hahah… I don’t need anyone or anything to validate my relationship, but any positive validation is always a bonus 😀

Look at what it says about Saggitarius and Aries:

Sagittarius + Aries

Fire + Fire = Explosion

cartoon17.gif cute cartoon kiss image by marys_hottDUH

Coming together with an Aries is all systems go! Sagittarius/Aries is a powerful and adventurous match, so an exciting joyride awaits you both in this fiery combination. In many cases it’s love at first sight — it won’t take long to fan the flames of each other’s desire.

Hahah… Maybe that’s why Pips liked me back in… Korea? Teehee…

And this is the best part that matches both our birth dates:
Expect sparks to fly if you partner up with an Aries born between 21 April and 30 March. If you’re born between 2 December and 11 December, you are co-ruled by Mars — your relationship with these Arians will be explosive and passionate.

We are meant to be! hahah… Anws, I was just thinking about this the other day, about death and all that. I have always been scared of death, maybe because to me, I know not what it is, what it holds, what it means. Where do I go and more importantly, will I get to be surrounded by the people that matter so much to me right now? The people who make me, ME, and the people who add colors to my life? It is that fear of being separated from them, and having worms and maggots (HOW GROSS) eating away at my flesh, (that is why I refuse to be buried. Please burn me) that scares me.

And thinking about this idea of death got me thinking and feeling that I don’t think that this lifetime that I have with Pips is enough. That I look forward to each time of seeing him, being caught in him, safe and warm in his presence, and the sense of ‘miss’ that I feel each time we kiss goodbye. And if this lifetime that I share with him is not enough, never enough, why would my eyes wander, and my heart, moral and integrity fail me at the presence of another man?

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