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Ken’s Birthday!

14 Mar , 2007  

Okie.. i’ll blog abt Goa after I blog abt Kenneth’s birthday okies? Today, 14th March at the stroke of midnight, is Kenneth Chia Mu Mao’s birthday. I am excited about his birthday for 2 reasons:
1) We get to choose another hotel for a buffet dinner
2) For every MICAN’s birthday, the guy would get kicked on the butt by anyone who wants to do so. And naturally, since I am dearest Mumao’s Singaporean friend, it is only right that I partake in this special celebration yeah? I haven’t kicked my brothers in the butt for a very long time…

So after showering, shampooing and changing into a fresh set of clothes, we trotted off to Palash where the celebration is supposed to take place. Joanne, Poulomi (one of our first MICAN friends. Incidentally, she was also the one who came to fetch us at the airport in Ahmedabad) and I shared 4 birthday cakes for Kenneth. We wanted to get him a big 2kg cake originally but you had to pre-order those, which we didn’t, so we got him 4 cakes instead. Cool yeah. 2 butterscotch, 1 pineapple and 1 blackforest.

We brought the cakes to Palash and set it out on a table. While we got our friend Ham to distract Kenneth, Jo and I quickly put our birthday presents for Ken in his room! This is what Kenneth’s bed originally looks like:

Ken didn’t buy any bedsheets for himself so Jo and I bought him a nice bedsheet and pillowcases so he can sleep happily tonight and maybe not wake up at bloody 4 am (who the hell wakes up at 4am seriously? hahah) in the morning! This is the AFTER pic: Here’s wishing you’ll sleep like a pig on your birthday! (or in your’s and jo’s words, here’s wishing you’ll sleep like me!)

Ooh back to the celebrations! After we were done with his room, the guys were outside with Kenneth! They held his hands and legs, hoisted him up and threw him like ten times into the air. It is said that they were supposed to throw him 24 times, 23 times cuz he’s 23 this year, and the 24th time, they weren’t gonna catch him. Lucky ass. They didn’t do that though. After that, the guys, who had prepared pails of water, threw them on Ken. haha. He was totally wet.

I took a video of this entire process and was laughing to myself. And guess what? Towards the end of the video, I saw one of the guys, Aashish, approaching me with a pail of water and I went like, “Uh oh” and the video stopped there and then, when I tried to make my escape. Apparently, the best friends of the birthday person also get special treatment during the birthday celebrations. DUDE, I JUST SHOWERED 5 MINS BEFORE COMING TO PALASH! Does ANYONE think I’m stupid enough to stand around and let them dunk me with water? I scooted off as fast as my legs could carry me. Sometime while I was making my escape, Joanne was already caught and dunked. I even threw off my sandals cuz there wasn’t enough friction for me to run fast. But clever old me smartly ran myself into a corner, was promptly caught by a few guys, and while I was like trying to kick my way out, I was dunked with water. SOB. It is a pity though that I can’t upload the video here cuz it’s quite funny how the boys kicked Ken’s butt (MICA bans youtube dudes).

We ate the birthday cakes with our friends and you know, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to buy 4 cakes. Cuz what do people do when they have excess cakes on their hands? That’s right…the birthday boy got smeared
and smeared…
and smeared…

Lol… But as can be seen from the above pic, I wasn’t spared from the cake smearing either. Freaking hell! I showered 5mins before okies! Boohoo! It was like a second Holi, just that I didn’t expect to be dirtied hahah. Since I was dirtied, naturally I kicked Kenneth’s butt w MUCH relish and smeared him to my heart’s content. Growl.

Hahah.. well if anything though, I guess it is indeed a memorable birthday for Kenneth. He looked like a freaking boogieman! hahah… darn Funny. Wet and cakey. Killer combination I tell you. And Kenneth is so skinny so he was like shivering in his jeans and walking so darn slowly heehee. Lookie! The Boogieman is here!

hahah… after the celebrations, we scooted off to shower! (my 2nd time in the space of…2 hrs? I’m damn clean lah) And tomorrow we’re gonna celebrate Ken’s birthday at Fortune Landmark hotel for a buffet dinner spread! Yippee I can’t wait! Hahah. And trust me, when my birthday comes around on 26th March, I’ll be kicking Ken’s butt (since he is our best friend in India… I’m telling everyone he’s my only friend. They’ll prob kick harder lol). Payback for today hahah. Other than that, Happy 23rd Birthday Ken bhai! (bhai means brother in Hindi) May you find happiness with your dream girl (cue – ky…) soon! =)


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  1. vanessa says:

    Happy Birthday Kenneth!
    It’s still 14th March over here!
    Lol…none of you escaped “alive” haha !Looks like you had loads of fun! Every picture of Kenneth he’s covered with cake..haha…
    Good job gals on the new bedspread! It looks comfy~
    Lucky Kenneth got 2 gals to do it for him!!

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