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14 Apr , 2007  

Dearest family, friends and anyone who knows of Kenneth, Joanne and Jasmine, please stop for a moment. Let this blog entry test YOUR skill of how well you know the abovementioned dynamic characters. 3 simple questions will be posed, so please cast your votes/answers accordingly.

For the benefit of the technologically retarded (Hamster Jo, Pls take note), if you want to cast your votes, click on the “comment” button beside the title of this particular blog post at the top, and wordpress will magically redirect you to a new page, where all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom, and leave your comments in the “leave a reply” box. Remember to click submit comment okies! Lol… And now, let the games begin…

Qn 1: Who is the girl featured in the below portrait?
1a) Joanne
1b) Kenneth
1c) Jasmine
1d) None of the above

Qn 2) Who had diarrhea and used up one roll of toilet paper?
a) Joanne
b) Kenneth
c) Jasmine
d) None of the above

Et finalement, la question du jour~
Qn3: Who is wearing this pair of boots and almost bought it, only to decide at the last possible moment not to?
3a) Joanne
3b) Kenneth
3c) Jasmine
3d) None of the above

Okies folks, that’s all for today! Cast your votes and in a few days time, while the judges are preparing the blog entry of Agra, Jaipur and Delhi, the answers will be revealed~

Lotsa Love


20 Responses

  1. stupid chicken says:

    1. khai yan
    2. kenneth
    3. jasmine the fat pig

  2. jasmine says:

    stupid chicken is benji, my brother lah. Over skype, this is what he said of Qn 1″[7:58:44 PM] Benji says: but it looks really like khai yan”.

    The answer is obviously NOT khai yan though so yuppers. Anw Khai Yan, you’re BANNED from voting on Qn 1 and 2 since you noe the answer (probably).

  3. leepq says:

    hahaha u are damn bo liao leh! hahaha but it’s hilariously bo liao lah so it’s gd. hahaha ok let me see.
    jasmine, kenneth, joanne

    haha tell those 2 said HI!! 🙂

  4. Ren says:

    Goodness, Jas – u have lots of free time! Haa, I must be nuts too anyways, to post a reply like this in the middle of my hectic exams! But here goes.

    1. Jasmine. Eyebrow’s my clue.
    2. Kenneth. I have never heard of u having diahoerra before so..
    3. Joanne. I would have tot kenneth, but u asked who is wearing them so it couldn’t have been him. And ahem – Calf size is my clue.

  5. yan says:


    and benji, thats SO NOT ME. im prettier then that! my gosh. your eye sight is deteriorating with old age.

    im guessing c) is linzy. calf size too. ren you misjudged linzy’s calf size… hahahahhaha

  6. camy says:

    Well I duno why im indulging in your nonsense…but since doing so will amuse u greatly, here goes…
    1)Jo…alhhough I think e artist is terrible..both also dun look like!
    2)Kenneth…cos he always kena this kinda of shit? Haha
    3)Kenneth…the legs really looK lik his la! Definitely not yours..I shld noe. Trust me peeps!

  7. Eugene says:

    2) Kenneth, no question. He’s most likely to tiok it 😛
    3) Joanne

  8. slam2drop says:

    oh wow. is that supposed to be khaiyan

    okay i change my answer

    1) ky
    2) zhi/kenneth

    OF COURSE I can choose more than one person at one go!!
    its my right.

    and woman, i meant boytoy in a general sense. you just wanna bring your boytoy home riiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhht??T? ehehhe.

  9. vasud says:

    that was me up there!

  10. jason says:


    1. linzhi
    2. kenneth
    3. joanne

    any prizes for guessing correctly? haha

  11. Jin says:

    JASMINE AH!! u reali damn free sia!! ok bt i’ll entertain u lol

    1) jasmine: like renyi, eyebrows the clue. seriously, it looks lk the both of u. so generic!! haha how much did u pay the artist to draw tt?! =O

    2) i will say its joanne. urm, cuz she looks lk the onli one who will be clean enough to use the whole roll WAHAHAHHAHA

    3) actuali, i would have tot its kenneth =X HAHAHA bt then yeah, i tink its joanne. looks lk her calfs? =X

  12. jing says:

    1) i tink neither..seriously dun look lk either of u leh
    2) kenneth
    3) i tink kenneth..calfsize as the clue..dun tink those belong to joanne..haha

  13. jing says:

    eh..i tink i take back my last ans..i tink its linzy..haha

  14. steps says:


  15. shui says:

    1. joanne
    2. kenneth
    3. kenneth

    its all intuition! hahahaha..but i tink its correct..the third pic is quite obviously a guy’s legs..hhahaa..just tt its hairless..hahahahaah

  16. camy says:

    omg who is shui! You haf exactly the same intuition as me! glad to finally meet someone who shares the same great thoughts as me haha.

  17. jasmine says:

    hahha booo… shui is khaiyan’s roomie in China, Shuiling… anws guys… results will be tabulated and released on Sunday, evening time…

  18. yan says:

    remember i changed my c vote to kenneth!

  19. vanessa says:

    Here’s my vote cos Jasmine was poking me on MSN to vote here while chatting with her…LOL

    1) Jasmine
    2) Jasmine
    3) Joanne (nice boots by the way)


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