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6 Jul , 2007  

Hey Everybody

I’ve been home for like 2 weeks already. The 1st week of my homecoming, perhaps I thought I was still in India, so I didn’t get ard to reconnecting my hp line. So sorry folks, (like Vanessa, Kenneth, Yuxin zeh zeh etc) if you guys sent me smses, i never received them! Not me being dao alright! ooh and a belated sorry to you vanessa, cuz of my MIA hp line, we didnt get to meet up before u left! Oopsy! but okies lah, you’ll be back soon enough so yuppers! But well, now my hp is reconnected, it’s the same old no, so yup, just msg me etc okies.

Hmm special msg to Jiahui, hey I checked my hp and it doesnt have ur hp no, so will you pls sms me? you have my no right? Den we can meet up okies!

Nth much has changed ever since I came back. I think being overseas has showed me how independent I am. I mean, I always thought of myself as independent and highly adaptable, but to be THIS independent and adaptable is just amazing man! When I was in India, it was as if I lived in India my whole life, and now that I’m back in Singapore, it’s as if I never left. Goodness, and it’s an entire 6 months away. Woohoo Jasmine, ure the girl!

Unfortunately for me, my adaptability may not be a much desired quality in terms of appearance. When I arrived at the airport on 21st June, instead of being greeted by a loving family with wild, abandon tears of joy, my brothers were hooting with laughter. “wah you’re damn fat lah!” The merciless fat jokes never stopped and I had to viciously smack them a few times in a desperate bid to get them to shut up, although it didn’t quite work. The FAT jokes have ceased to stop till today. Just the other day, I was asking Nick whether he wanted to go out with me to buy sports shoes, and his reply was, “yah only if you slim down. I can’t be seen in public with you like this.” The sucker!

Oh well, at least my mom is more sympathetic. But she just informed me a few days ago that when she saw me at the airport running, she had to blink hard and tell herself that it was her daughter and not a red little ball (I was wearing a red adidas jacket) bouncing. And when I was out with my friends Ken n Jo at Settlers, I had this msg from her, “my princess jasmine’s first day out. Don’t eat so much, watch your diet ok”… that is like so ermz.. subtle… Sheesh, and they’re wondering why girls have a body complex???

But oh well, I’ve been pretty good so far. Laid off ice-cream since I came back. But that’s the only thing I haven’t eaten thus far. Checked a couple of local dishes off my list, stuff like 1/2kg of bak kwa, chap chye, chap chye peng, sushi, noodles, kueh tu tu, peh dan chok, durians, durian cakes etc. Still have a long list to go – chicken rice etc. No wonder, the reason why I can’t fit into my Mango jeans is not an illusion. it’s reality. Damn, I was trying to convince myself otherwise.

Hmm if I had stronger willpower though, I might have been exercising and dieting everyday, but oops, Im just your regular girl, or maybe irregular girl at that, cuz probably any normal girl (these days) would diet after all those comments about her furiously expanding (or for that matter, expandED) cheeks. I’ve been checking my face quite regularly in the mirror though, and asking my mom whether it grew smaller. Often i’ll look at it in distaste, wish it would grow smaller and then proceed to do nth about it! hahah! too effort inducing to do something about it (other than laying off ice-cream)

The airport scene was quite the adventure too. Our luggage were humongously overweight. My hand luggage alone was like 10kg I think. We ran into excess of 20 kg (3 of us) and not wanting to pay the ridiculous amt of excess baggage charges, Jo n I pleaded until little droplets of tears formed at the edge of our eyes, threatening to spill at any given moment. I think Ken was a little stunned at our performance, and mostly kept quiet. Hee hee. Who asked Malaysian Airlines to be so idiotic! We emailed them a couple of times during our 6-month stay in India, asking whether we could have additional baggage weight allowance on account that we are students, but all we got for our efforts were an automated reply that they would reply, that our comments and questions are valuable, and then we never got any reply after that! Sheesh… Well in the end, we had to pay for abt 10kg of excess (not bad right! hehe.) which works out to abt 60 bucks per person (gd job!) but plus the missing airplane ticket (the one tt i threw away), i think I paid nearly $150. Oh well! No pain (heartache), no gain (ticket home plus souvenirs)

Okies anws, this post is just to let everyone know that I’m safely back home, that my hp is functioning once again, and that this blog is kinda kaputs from now on, until I go off on a long holiday again (i’ve been bitten by wanderlust). I’m thinking of getting a new hp, looking at Nokia N80 or N92 or N72 or something along those nos/models or perhaps Ericsson K810i. Any recommendations for a phone w good camera functions (with flash), Bluetooth, and preferably, 3G, videocall (optional) and wifi capabilities?




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  1. Eugene says:

    ‘ey. I will promise I will not laugh (too loudly) when I see you on sat at Jin’s party if you promise not to laugh (too loudly) at me either.


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