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28 Jun , 2008  

Dear All

Soon it will be the end of yet another 6 months exchange. I can’t believe that I have been away from home for 6 months since. In these 6 months, I’ve been to Hong Kong twice, Shenzhen twice, Guangzhou once (transiting to Shanghai from HongKong), and will be heading to Guangzhou again via the railway for 22 bloody hours, Hangzhou once (with Kelvin Tan XP, just the two of us. It was pretty fun! He had his fortune told & everything. Seriously, that is like his favorite pastime or something), Huangshan, Haikou (in Hainan Island) and Luoyang (Shaolin Monks).

Quite a few places huh. I made several good friends here, like Kelvin, Pineapple Ong, John, Wanying, Dillie, Eugene, Indra etc, consolidated others (My fav Jonneh hahah) and hmm got a boyfriend along the way? Looking back, it is amazing how love just happened huh. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought that I’d be dating this Computer Engineering guy called Ong Lai Huat. I’d laugh at you for being a ridiculous joke if you put that possibility to me in January 2008. Like seriously. Plus the fact that I thought that I would have to know a person for maybe 2 yrs first before we could actually get together.

With Pips though, it feels abit different. In 3 months, although I don’t know him extensively, I feel as if I know enough of him, enough about him to discern that he is a good guy that makes me go pom pom tiao. Of course, there were bumps initially because I was apprehensive, couldn’t figure out my feelings, and yeah. But a little time passed, the pom pom tiaos were there and hey presto, he asked me to be his gf again & this time, it felt right. No pressure at all.

An amazing 6 months I would say. Lots of adventure, loads of fun, and a lifetime of memories I reckon.

Soon, I’ll be embarking on my 22 hour journey to Guangzhou alone. I’ll be darned. Couldn’t get the faster train cuz the tickets were all sold out. DARN. An additional four hours on a loooooong train ride is soooo unfunny. Argh!

Anyway, had dinner tonight with Hubertus, my German housemate for the past half yr, for the last time in Shanghai, along with XP, Jinghan and Meiyan. T’was fun.

I’m also not intending to sleep tonight. Gonna stay awake till 7 am so I can cab to the train station. My plan is to tire myself out so I will hopefully sleep 20 hours out of 22 hours. For the 2 hours tt I’m awake, I will listen to music on my fully charged Ipod or read a story book that I’ve bought. I’m all ready to fight the train war man. Except that despite being the pig that I am, I doubt I can sleep for 20 hrs. I’m not like Nick. Nick is the Sleep King in the Lee family. He can conk out for one whole day. I don’t know how he does it. He may be my brother, but I still find him amazing sometimes when he does crazy shit like this.

Oh well, Pips, you’re back in Singapore safe and sound (and hot n sweaty. God I am soooo dreading Singapore weather. I almost died in Shenzhen when I was there in April/May) so I’m glad. We had our ‘honeymoon’ period here in Shanghai, was totally a honeymoon since we were overseas, and now, we are gonna start our new chapter again in Singapore. Wonder how much things will change, but I bear alot of hopes for our future, n I guess you’re more certain about that than me. Still, to me, it presents new changes, discoveries and all. A little exciting, a little apprehensive, a little scary, but I’m all up for it if you’re by my side! Love you!

Be back in a jiffy! Wait for me guys!

Lotsa Love



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