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Hmm the latest update on India (which is not exactly the latest news in town)

30 Jan , 2007  

Darn… getting lazier and lazier to update blog. Guess I’m not a blog person by nature lol. Hmm things of interest (which are aplenty since I’m darn hip…) that happened in the erm… past two weeks?

Hmm top of the list must be my Goa trip I guess! Last week, the 3 of us trooped off to Goa, which is either central east or west of India. Goa is a place of beaches, not manmade ones like Sentosa, but stretches and stretches of sand ( I would like to say silky soft grains of white sand but nahz, that’s stretching the truth just that little bit too far). In an email to Jacob, this was what I said about Goa

“i’ll be going to GOA next week, a very famous and popular tourist spot where tourists visit because of the beaches there! and that means only one thing! MEAT AND SEAFOOD! yahoo! the one thing i really miss is the choice of meat that i can have whereever,whenever i want! gosh, u wouldn’t have been able to survive here! AT ALL”

and this was his reply…

“Btw, when beaches are mentioned, usually guys think of Bikinis and Gals, NOT meat and seafood =P”

Typical guy huh? Lol…

Oh right right, back to Goa. Goa was absolutely fantabulous! I had such a GREAT time stuffing my face with seafood. OH MY GOD. It’s like you know, whenever people ask me, “what’s your favorite kind of food, i’ll just tell them… I don’t know, I like too many.” which is true. But now, having been in India for a month, I realised my one true love is seafood. It’s like, yeah i love meat but seafood! OH, to taste it is pure heaven! And i think that after eating the seafood, I kinda developed rashes. I suspect it was mussels that caused it. Oh heaven forbid that I ever be deprived of seafood! Take my money, take my room, take my whatever, but don’t take my fishes and prawns and crabs away!!!!!!!!!

Below are some pics of the food we ate… great stuff yaar (hey buzzy, how’s that for my indian slang)

stp63869.JPG stp64020.JPG

that’s Jo eating beef pasta at Munches (Anjuna Beach) and the food on the right is from this place called Chinatown…Oozing cheese i tell ya. (Below)–>We went to this place called Amigoes, oh my god, the food is FANTASTIC. The rice looks like barley, tastes like heaven, and that is JUST RICE. goodness! and it is damn cheap lah (compared to Singapore, duh, almost everything in India is cheaper!) On the left, there is Joanne and Kenneth, the beer guzzlers. On the right is the food from Amigoes. Check out e book Rough Guide to India(Goa) for this place!

stp64039.JPG stp64060.JPG

When it was time to leave, we couldn’t bear to leave the place. The food was just So SO SO GOOD. Yes Jolyn, you’re right. I’m not a food connoisseur, nor gourmet. I’m just a foodie who eats alot. Or glutton you say huh! RoAr. And yes boonei… I am a monstrous eater too right? Lol… I’ll never forget that line u used on me in Shanghai! Grr… Pui Pui some more! Is it a crime to eat alot! Lol. Oh Oh, and the crab below is damn damn DAMN sweet. and the prawns, Absolutely succulent. unoe, that kind of prawns that go “Q Q”? hahha… fat and fleshy, just the way I like it! And the best part abt it is that these two dishes together with a seafood fried rice only cost abt $15???????? Oh man……………


Oh man, I better stop posting pictures of food. Believe me, in spite of the incriminating evidences, eating was NOT all that I did. I lounged by the seaside as well, and shopped. Yeah, hectic activity huh. But the shopping in Goa is good!!!!!!!!!! There is this Saturday night bazaar at Apora Market and god, the array of stuff that you can get there is like out-of-this-world! You can get really cheap stuff there, for example, I got one of my tops there for like $2, and there are also the expensive, which is like this pair of pants that Kenneth got… Arabian-like pants for $40 I think? Totally wacky stuff I tell you!


Above is a pic of Ken and his wacky pants! Too bad it’s small, cant really see his pants but oh well! And can you see me? Haha… I’m totally fashionable here okies! Nothing better to do so Joanne and I always dress up for school! Received quite a few compliments on my dressing… Lol… Little do the Micans know this is HOW I REALLY DRESS BACK IN SINGAPORE


Who dares scorn their nose at India! I’m living here like a Queen I tell you! hahah… Fantastic being Princess Jasmine in exotic India man… The only thing missing is a rajah, and yeah… Project Rajah is a total flop… Sighs.

Hmm Goa is known for being a Clubber’s and alcohol paradise as well, but nahz the 3 of us didn’t go clubbing. Khai Yan was asking me “WHY?” I replied demurely, “Cuz Ken n Jo don’t go clubbing”. She said that I could have dragged them along, but well, the thing is I don’t mind clubbing, but it’s not like I LIKE it enough to DRAG people to club. Usually, I am the one being dragged to club hahah. I like that better. Yup.

Other stuff that Goa is famous for would be people playing frisbee. I saw this totally cool frisbee “match” between two Caucasian guys. It’s like they don’t only catch the frisbee in the air, they also hit the frisbee on the ground, and the frisbee would ricochet off the ground whereby they would do flying leaps and whatever to catch it. Wicked!

And yeah, Goa can be pretty hedonistic okie. It’s 2pm in the HOT, SWELTERING SUN when we saw this bunch of locals beside a minivan that was BLASTING MUSIC. And they were like dancing and even hooted for us to join them! hahah… Clubbing at 2pm in the afternoon? Abit early huh! Lol…

A thing that Goa is famous for is also the Goan sausages, which can be bought at the market Marpusa.


There’s the obasan with the sausages. Hmm they look like lapcheong but don’t taste like it. It is like sausages stuffed w spices and chilli oil. A tad too hot for my liking, but well, must try the delicacy of every place mah (unless it is ginger phoenix or garlic masala with Onion garnishing. EWWW)

Oh hi people… I just came back from Big Bazaar. It is the NTUC equivalent in India. Jo and I went shopping there (Ken didnt go. He is flat broke from Goa). We hired an auto from like 4pm to 9pm, and the whole trip cost us 300 rupees ($12). Jo and I went in to shop, and after two hrs, we came out and the auto was there, with the guy (his name is Poppu Bhai. Bhai means brother in hindi) waiting for us. We loaded our stuff onto the auto, and he drove us to our next destination, a continental restaurant called Upper Crust. We had alot of food there and Upper Crust serves AWESOME chocolate hot fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice-cream. It is the BEST i ever had. After we were done with dinner, there was Poppu Bhai waiting in his auto-rickshaw for us. Totally cool can. And he not only drove us back to school, he drove into school and stopped outside our hostel. OH MY GOD. i am TOTALLY PRINCESS JASMINE can! All i need now is an Aladdin!!!!!!!!!

hahhaha… i cant believe it… all the assholes who asked me why the hell i chose India over US, UK, or Europe, let me tell you, this is WHY!!!!!!! in India, I am Princess Jasmine. In UK, I’ll be pauper Jasmine. A world of difference okie! But i guess if you look on the down side, in India, I’m doomed to be Fat Jasmine whereas in UK, I might possibly be skinny cuz i cant afford to gorge myself on food!

Hmmm other things that are interesting would be:

1) Recently in MICA, there was this Alumni meet when all the ex-MICANs would come back to MICA and stay over for 2 days or so. It was a huge thing, and they have this tradition where the current students have to move out of their hostel and let the ex MICANs sleep in it. Jo and I had our rooms intact cuz we stay in SILVEROAK, (international dorm mah) so Kenneth shifted in w us. See, we’re nice to Kenneth. We don’t bully him, not that much anyway. When he moved back to his room yesterday, the whole room stank of cigarette smoke. Hahah. Damn funny. And the pillows which he left on his bed was found in another room. Lol. But the MICAN who stayed in his room was nice enough to leave him a bottle of vodka. Too bad Kenneth is a monk.

The Alumni meet ended with a party at PALASH (ken’s dorm area) where they brought in DJs, did up the place and danced all night. It was clubbing loh. Funky huh. I wonder if we have that in Singapore. In case you are wondering, the three of us didn’t go to the party. Actually I did lah. I went there for like 5 mins to check the place out, and to take pix. this is what it looks like inside…

stp642021.JPG stp642041.JPG

Oh and happy news for Khai Yan! Below is a picture snapped of Kenneth when he was talking to Khai Yan! Totally on Cloud 9 okies!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh the POWER OF LOVE… HOW SWEET! LOVE knows NO borders! But then again… below right is a secret pic of Ken breaking Khai Yan’s heart w GASP! another guy!

stp642051.JPG stp63717.JPG

And (below) while at Goa, I caught Ken and Jo red-handed……hanky panky huh!……. And in another detective-like shot, Ken found himself two Muslim wives whose identities are unknown


Tsk tsk Kenneth that casanova…..

Oh well, gotta end here now! Seeya’ll



2 Responses

  1. Vanessa says:

    Yo Jasmine!

    List of things I’m doing now:
    1) drooling at the seafood…i haven’t had any fish or whatsoever animals from the sea for about 3 weeks now
    2) envious that you can take nice picture shots with t-shirts and jeans. Seriously, I’m sitting in my room, window shut, door shut, heater on full blast, with a jacket on and it’s still cold
    3) Thinking that India and UK students can compare in terms of clubbing and drinking booze
    4) Smiling at the picture with Kenneth smiling while on the laptop
    5) Laughing until I fell off my chair looking at Kenneth and his new “boyfriend”
    6) Admiring the nice picture you took of Ken and Jo…more like looking at the nice sunset background and ripples on the water

    You’re having such a good time there! Say hi to Jo and Ken for me!

    Take care!

  2. yan says:

    LOL VANESSA!! u have a knack for jokes too… linz baby i think i seriously disturbed my sister with my stiffled chokes of laughter when reading your entry. so NO you have NOT lost your midas touch dont worry.

    but erm can i just protest about something.
    evidence #1: A photo: Kenneth posing for the camera in front of a laptop
    evidence #2: A quote: “Below is a picture snapped of Kenneth when he was talking to Khai Yan!”

    Dear judges, this is circumstantial evidence!!!

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