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Hindi Movie and Lodhi Festival

25 Jan , 2007  

Yo yo all in Singapore!

January 16 2007

Benji I’ve read ur email and guess ure still as much of an idiot as ever hahah… Oh well love you n Gen Gen though. Tell mummy and daddy i love them too! Anyways, sorry for doing a disappearing act recently, been too busy these few days! Let’s do a simple recount of what I did the past few days!

Hmm we went to catch a Hindi flick, Guru with some Micans and we travelled via this auto rickshaw. I like travelling on the auto rickshaw, cuz the ride is so bumpy, it feels like a little adventure each time! I think Kenneth caught me laughing to myself on one occasion, probably thinks I’m retarded. Yah, actually I am a little retarded. Forget about that, the three of us are quite retarded hahah. Oh yeah, back to the Hindi flick.

I didn’t think I would enjoy a foreign movie without subtitles this much. Having never watched much hindi shows, all i know about Bollywood prior to watching Guru was that they have a lot of song and dance. Well they still have alot of song and dance but the plot was interesting as well. Hah hah! I bet u all think I’m damn clever for understanding the movie in Hindi without english subtitles! I shan’t deny that fact then but graciously accept the applause! Actually no lah, the group of Micans that we hung out with explained the movie to us. My “interpreter” happens to be the youngest MICAN on campus until Jo n I came along! hahah… Actually I am still older than her (her name is Nitdya) cuz her bday is in April and mine is March but Jo is younger though (dec).

Oh my god, Buzzy, you should see Nitdya! She totally reminds me of you! Energetic and loud and funky lol. I shall upload her picture or maybe even send it to you! She really really reminds me of you! hahah..



The singapore Buzzy is definitely much noisier though. This i know FOR SURE, so BUZZY, STOP protesting.

Besides Guru, we also celebrated this festival called Lodhi festival.


It is basically a harvesting festival where they celebrate the coming of spring by singing and dancing and eating sweets and stuff. Really great stuff. The singing and dancing and stuff were all like really spontaneous and the energy is infectious man. Too bad Singapore doesn’t have all these festivals. The only thing that we just about celebrate is like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Deepavali and National Day? And they feel so darn commercialised. Not that i don’t like any of those festivals though, I absolutely LOVE them haha. Just that India is so much richer in terms of culture.

Oh and we have this friend called Arpeeta, who is gonna attend her cousin’s wedding in June or July and she said that she would bring us along! Isn’t that cool! Yay.

This is a pic where Arpeeta is featured inside…We went along with them to watch Guru on the cool auto rickshawstp63569.JPG

At the indian embassy visa place in Singapore, I overheard this caucasian lady speaking to another guy, and she was saying that she was going to India to attend an Indian wedding. Imagine, travelling all the way to India to attend a wedding! Fantastic man! hahah and we might get to do that. We also talked to another Yr 2 MICAN who said that Indian weddings are very grand affairs, where this certain rich Indian businessman held a wedding for his daughter that cost millions of dollars. Wah damn rich can! Maybe I shd crash Arun Nayer and Elizabeth Hurley’s Indian wedding in march… ok that was just a thought

Hmm wad other festival? Oh we had this Utturayan festival (which means kite festival) and it is when alot of people fly kites in the air. It is supposed to be beautiful out in the city where people from all over the world come to Ahmedabad or India to fly kites. We went out with a bunch of MICANs to see the kite festival, but when we got there, the festival was over! Oh man we missed taking pictures of all the kites in the air, so damn wasted. We explored the old City of Ahmedabad though which is kinda quaint. there is this really good meat place called ZK Road i think , which serves fantastic kebabs, which was where we had our dinner on Sunday. They also had this yellow eggy tofuishy vegetarian dish which is fantastic called Malai Kofta. Didnt take photos of the food but well next time lah. I have 6 months here so plenty of time to do so. The only thing bad about going to ZK road to eat was that it was a Sunday, which means we missed a meat day in school. Totally unforgiveable! hahah but oh well, going Goa and the food is gonna be great I heard! Endless days of seafood! Yummy… Eat your hearts out man!

Oh and Kenneth n I took a walk to this nearby village called Shela Village. Hmm quite an interesting experience, we took alot of photos! I like taking pictures but aiyah sian, my camera’s shutter speed is damn bloody slow so my pictures don’t end up looking all that nice.

Some pics taken at Shela village

stp63854.JPGstp63772.JPG stp63759.JPG


 SIAN. N we saw 2 MICAN girls, Chaanan and another girl whose name i keep forgetting (at least i definitely remember her face) and they just hitchiked a motorcycle ride back to sch. totally funky can hahah. But Chanaan is more zai lah! She just hopped onto the poor sod’s motorbike and literally hijacked it. Damn funny.


reminds me of the time Steps n I hitchiked a ride into Sentosa. Totally fun

Anws, gonna end here now so see ya’ll



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