Baby Ray

Happy 3 Months Baby Ray!

17 Mar , 2014  

Hi little munchkins!

I'm out!

This was you when you first arrived in this world on 17 December 2013. Tiny and big at the same time. Such a small little babe you were then, yet, so big that it seems amazing even till now, that you managed to squish yourself in my tummy and grow, grow, grow for exactly 40 weeks.

Life is amazing that way huh.

Though daddy and mommy didn’t plan on having a baby just yet, you, being the little opportunist that you are, swam your little race and came out tops.

So baby Ray, when the going gets tough for you in future, as it sometimes will, remember that you fought hard and well in your first race in life, and won. So never give up on yourself or on life, darling, because from the moment you were born, you were already a winner. A winner not by chance, but because you tried and made an effort. As long as you try, little munchkins, the light at the end of the tunnel will always be waiting to bathe you in its warm, golden glow. Always remember that, darling, and you’ll find that life itself has so much more to offer.

As you grow older and bigger each day, (5.86kg now huh, my little fatty!) I see your inquisitive eyes wandering about, taking in all the curious sights and sounds that exist around you. Yes darling, life can be full of wonders and lovely surprises as long as you keep your childlike curiosity about you, a lesson that we adults, often forget. So keep being curious, keep asking questions, and learning will be a fun ride that you never want to get off.
Fatty Ray! Never lose those inquisitive-looking eyes of yours!

So, never, ever lose your curiosity nor take things for granted, pumpkins, because you will lose the wonderment of all that is around you. And that is such a pity, isn’t it? Only when curiosity dances its little jig in your eyes will you be able to brush a rainbow of bright colours across the azure blue sky. The spectrum of colours will be the experiences you’ve encountered, each experience a journey that curiosity has led you to, so sit tight, mommy hopes that you will enjoy the journey ahead.

Someday, munchkins, when you are older, you will want to reach for the stars, and you must believe that you can and will. But darling, never forget the ground you step on, because that’s the very foundation that allows you to stand firm and stretch for the midnight blue sky. Never lose sight of who you are, and your roots. And when you remember that, little pumpkins, the millions of tiny, shiny diamonds that dot the sky will then sparkle in your little palms as the people around you help you in your quest to reach for the stars.

As you turn 3 months old today, dad and mom have lots to celebrate. We celebrate the joy of life, the surprises that fate throws at us, and the gratefulness for the love that envelopes us snugly as we see you grow each day.

We remember your eyes looking right at us when you were born, oh the love that gushed and swept over us then! We remember the first hugs we gave you, and the warm, gooey feelings of happiness oozing from where you leaned and slept on us. We remember the first of many kisses that we secretly planted on your face (don’t tell granny!), kisses borne of love. We remember your first smile at 4 weeks old, that got us so excited that mommy quickly searched for my phone to snap a pic. We remember the feel of your tiny fingers wrapping around our one big finger, and how precious that moment was. We remember the joy dancing in our hearts and our own booming laughter that followed as you laughed your short, little peals of laughter a week ago at 12 weeks old.

Of course, with the many happy moments of happiness also come the moments of mini catastrophes – the poopsplosion at 3am in the morning, your refusal or inability to sleep for long stretches of time at night in your first 2 weeks of life (oh, the eyebags we had!), your crankiness when you are so obviously sleepy but fighting sleep, those reflux days that still come and go, and that time when you had mucus lodged between your nose and mouth. Those were many days of worry, anxiety, fatigue and helplessness, but we walked through those times together, you, your dad and I, and that’s all that matters. At the end of the day, when you smile your toothless grin, it’s as if every every bone in our bodies are re-energised. Your smile is beautiful and pure, and it lights a place deep in the recesses of our heart with a brilliant glow.

We are looking forward to walking through the many more milestones ahead with you, little pumpkins. Mommy and daddy will always be here for you.

Happy 3 months, precious baby!
Little superhero in his white cape or belly dancer? haha. How you’ve grown my li’l Ray!

Mommy and Daddy


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