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23 Mar , 2007  

hahah i admit… the title is bloody misleading. I have an exam tomorrow. Have not started studying for it. As in SERIOUSLY. Before today, I didn’t even know whether I had the required textbook for the subject. Oh boy. I have no idea HOW MANY WAYS im gonna screw it up but just watch me tomorrow. Jasmine the magnificent, the daredevil, the braveheart, attempting a business paper which is NOT her core competency, without prior preparation. Hence the title, exam blues. Not like I’m stressed out or anything. In fact, I’m stressed abt the fact tt I’m not stressed abt the exam at all, which GUARANTEES me a direct ticket to screwing up the paper in ways I could never imagine I had the ability to do so.

Whoppee doodle doo. Will probably start panicking tonight when I see the fat textbook and realize the gravity of my situation.


Update Post Exam: I Totally kicked ass on the Business Paper. I am a freaking genius! LOL


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  1. kaiyong says:

    Happy Bday GIrl!

  2. Vanny says:

    Linzy happy birthdAY to u!!

  3. jasmine says:

    thanks babes! love you!

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