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EUBIQ – Bringing the sexy back in power outlets

7 Jan , 2016  

Hey guys

This is the other promotional post where I will share with you my reviews on Eubiq, and the exclusive promotion that they are running with us especially for our readers! The promotion runs till end Feb, so don’t take too long to think about it ya? If you wanna know about my other post on the OPSH promotion, click here.

Eubiq has been pretty established in the Singapore market as it is, so there isn’t much need for me to crow about it. It is gorgeous, and instantly ups the techie/sleek creds of your home. #truestory. As I mentioned in my previous post, Pips has always wanted Eubiq for its gorgeousness, but there is definitely more to it than its looks, so that really makes it worth your money!

Different tracks for different purposes and looks – There are many different kinds of Eubiq tracks, and when planning for a new home, it will do you good to consider what kind of tracks you want for your house, and where you want them. This will enable you to have an even sleeker look for your entire house! Luckily for you readers, Pips went to buy all kinds of different tracks so you can have a look at how you want them done up (no lah he didn’t buy them specially for this post, he is not so crazy and we are not so rich! Hurhur). The pics below are some examples of the tracks that Eubiq sells, and how you can incorporate them in your house! Of course, there are many different colours to choose from other than the one featured on this blog, which is the colour of our choice!


The popout track above is actually a VSF1-MB power track. You don’t really need to install this or anything so it is a mobile track in that sense, just that you lay it horizontally. If you prefer a portable track that doesn’t take up as much ‘floor space’, Eubiq also carries tower tracks like Tuscan etc, which are like towers of gorgeousness. The two mounted tracks above, while similar, are actually different products. The one on the right is E-Genesis, equipped with a cable management system that hides away all those ugly, messy looking cables for a completely neat look, while the one on the left belongs to the SH1 series for easy access to power. Are you a little befuddled right now? I certainly was, but I love it that knowledge increases our choices exponentially, and enables us to constantly improve and beautify things. The different products that Eubiq carries solves problems that you may currently experience sugh as messy cables etc, and can I just say, it’s bloody great! For a full suite of products that Eubiq carries, you gotta check out their website and let yourself be seduced by it!


In the pics above, you can see that one of the Eubiq plug is lit up blue and the other isn’t. In order to turn on the device, all you need to do is turn the plug to switch on or off, supremely effortless. Visiting friends who have yet to hear of Eubiq have commented that it looks really gorgeous and sleek and they love the lit up look of the plug when it is in the ‘on’ mode. Guess it’s human nature to love pretty things!

You will also never encounter another day where you don’t have enough space to plug in your stuff, because you can choose the length of track that you want. It is customisable to your own individual specific needs, and in this day and age, it is all about customisation, isn’t it? Imagine a techie home with everything built according to your needs and desires. That’s a freaking paradise man!

Different Plugs for different electronics and appliances – This is incredibly useful! These days, people are so well-traveled and tech saavy yeah? With the universal plugs from Eubiq, you can plug in any kind of electrical devices, swee man! Xiaomi TV shipped from China? Home beauty device directly from America? Have no fear, the universal plugs are here! No need for a 3 pin to 2 pin adaptor, or plugging in an ugly, bulky international adaptor in order to use our devices. This solves all our 1st world plug problems while maintaining its beauty. Shiok!

Also, do you put your ipad/iphone charger in your office and sometimes forget to bring them home? Now, you can leave your iPad charging head permanently at your office and use the Eubiq USB power plug, which will charge your iPad at the same speed as your charging head! This saved my ass when I forgot to bring my iPad charging head over the new year weekend. Yay!

Processed with Moldiv

I love these black & gold plugs on the right, super bling! But Pips prefers the matt black which is nice too, and the one we eventually settled for!

SAFETY first – The best thing about Eubiq, which also often goes under the radar, is the cleverly embedded safety features in their products, designed to keep the hearts of parents from leaping every time our kids venture near a socket. KIDS will be KIDS, and they love playing with sockets and doing everything we tell them not to. Sure, we can teach them about safety, but what if they decide to be mischievous just when our eyes are away from them in that 2 seconds? Or when we are at work? By the time we blame something, somebody, it is too late for regrets.

Eubiq incorporates the patented Ground Safety Shutter (GSS) system into all their power tracks, and in layman terms, this means that Eubiq tracks can immediately ground any conductive object that comes into contact with the track. The live points in Eubiq’s power tracks are also inaccessible by tiny fingers as they are hidden away, and GSS is widely recognised as a childproof product. So there is no need to fear that your kids try to poke around with the track, which is a question raised by some of my friends who visited my home. This is absolutely safe for kids, much more so than our exposed power outlets and I would urge parents to consider this when deciding whether to go for Eubiq, especially when I’ve been reading so many articles recently of kids dying etc when swallowing batteries. Not a direct link, but we can never be too sure where safety of our kiddos are concerned!

So even ahead of bringing the sexy back in ugly conventional power outlets, Eubiq is first and foremost, a techie products that stresses on safety, appealing to the involved parents, as well as for individuals big on aesthetics. If I had to say one thing bad about Eubiq, it’s that it can be a tad expensive. Still, the functionality, aesthetics and most importantly, the underrated safety features embedded in the Eubiq technology is what has me sold on this product. Strongly recommend it!


Similar to OPSH, Eubiq is also running an exclusive promotion for Jashuat readers from now till end Feb! Readers will get a 10% discount off regular priced items (not applicable on their packages) when they quote Jashuat during payment, and and and!! An additional 5% for liking and sharing Eubiq’s facebook page/product you have purchased, so that is a total of 15% discount! Awesome possum man.

And here is a special #protip for you – Eubiq does run some promotions on and off on selected products during selected periods, so it will be good to watch out for special deals on their facebook page, and combine it with this discount! To have a complete Eubiq system and save money, this will be the best way to maximize your moolah!

#Protip 2 – Eubiq also runs special bundle deals consisting of several products which are typically at their outlets or IT fairs. Those deals are pretty good, so you can combine those bundle deals with the Jashuat discount for items you wanna get (such as the international plug etc which are usually not on discount)

#Protip 3 – Eubiq’s prices KEEP INCREASING. I have a friend who purchased a bundle two years back and the prices have increased one or two hundred by now. So if you have an upcoming house that’s ready in 2017, 2018, or heck, 2020, and think it’s too early to get Eubiq for your house, DON’T. Go purchase a bundle now, lock in the price and you will be a couple hundred richer by then.

And with this, I end my special report on Eubiq. Would I recommend it? Yes I would. As they say, 一分钱,一分货。It’s true. If you don’t spend on something that is going to stay with you for a long, long time, what the hell will you spend on? Definitely worth it IMO. Am I biased? Up to you to decide! & remember to share this good deal with others, don’t just keep it to yourself hor!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here and I will try to answer asap!


*This post is partially sponsored by Eubiq and OPSH*



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  1. Allan Tan says:

    the discount is applicable for online purchase or in-store purchase? online purchase, how do i go about it as their facebook or website do not allows me to place any order or viewing their pricing.

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