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Darn that kancheong spider blood in me

2 Apr , 2009  

As John said, and how true it is, both of us possess the kancheong spider blood. Possessors of this blood type, though uncommon, is not rare either. They cannot stand to wait, and despite being told “be patient” constantly, they simply cannot, which often results in failed surprises (by others), worry, unhappiness, and in a nutshell, unneccessary negative emotions.

I am a possessor of such blood. The SAD job market has triggered this. Second Class Upper? Ptooey! Oh gosh. I need to calm that bloody kancheong spider blood in me.

Good things come to people who wait. I’ll try my best to remember that Steph.

But then, I believe too, that opportunities are abound. The ones that grab them are the ones that deserve them. The ones that create them, are the ones that have no lack of them. Missed a few opportunities already, but let not the valiant heart falter.

Be CALM. You have a goal, you have dreams and ambition. Good things happen to people who wait. And when you wait patiently, opportunities will knock. 🙂 Stay calm now, Jasmine. It’s not quite time yet to throw in the towel.


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