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Cleo’s Bachelor Party!

13 Mar , 2009  

I am heading off to Cleo’s Bachelor party in a few hours time! Wasn’t really intending to go, gauging from the neverending tormenting presence of FYP, but Steph was all upbeat about it, so we are gonna scoot off to Zirca.

Not interested in any hunks though. Pips is very adorable, and just nice for me! hahah… Just the other day when he went for his interview, he was really devastatingly handsome! hahah.

Hmm miss the little critter. Cant wait to see him tomorrow, but for now, it’ll be a good time to catch up with Steph and Jo whom I haven’t seen in quite some time (drat that FYP. And I freaking cant find literature on Ludic identities. So help me….)



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