Dining out, Foodie Alert!

#Rounduplah @ Timbre!!!

4 Nov , 2016  

#ROUNDUPLAH #foodie #jashuatyums Where in this world can you have a smashing good time, fill up your belly and still be a good Samaritan for the day? Look no further guys! I’m suuuuuper excited (and also proud, because this was the work project that I was working on before I gave birth) to share with […]

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Foodie Alert!, Recipes/Home Cooking

Deliciously good Apple Crumble Recipe

17 Jul , 2016  

Heya everyone This is a post to share my apple crumble recipe, which has been much lauded by the hubby and friends, hehe. I am no domestic goddess, so when I’ve hit jackpot with this recipe, you definitely will too! Still I’ve come a loooooong way from my days of mistaking fahrenheit for degree celsius, where […]

Foodie Alert!, Restaurants/Dining

August Dining SPECIALS for Breastfeeding Moms & SG50 dining deals for jubilee celebrations

1 Aug , 2015  

#SG50 #SG50dining promos #WBW #ExpressYourself #latchon #freethenipple #breastfeeding #NIP #normalize breastfeeding  #WorldBreastfeedingWeek Hello everyone! I began a WBW initiative last year on a whim, and this year, I am continuing the tradition! I have also tried to expand the scope to include an #SG50 slant to it this year so that EVERYONE can take part […]

Foodie Alert!, Restaurants/Dining

Baby’s day out at Beyond Veggie, a delicious vegetarian restaurant!

11 Jun , 2014  

#Diningout #throwback #5mo #vegetarianrestaurant Those who know me know I am no fan of pure vegetarian food, and have on occasion, scoffed at vegetarian meals (in my defence, it happened in my younger days. Sorry, Buzzy haha). I especially can’t stand the look and taste of mock meat – fake charsiew, fake chicken rolled on […]