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Blogging is tiring

25 Jan , 2007  


wah i cant take the stresses of writing a blog. im not an open diary person i guess. goodness, i know it is a record of my life BUT STILL. this is not big brother man! i keep on asking Joanne to contribute to the blog but she is so lazy! she refuses to write in the blog! she says she is contributing by being here in India with me! Hah Joanne, i hope ure reading this u lazy banana! and contribute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually i should ask ken to contribute too, but he doesn’t look like he has time for our nonsense lol

okies anyway, i shall put in point form the things that have been happening so far. Point form. Succint and clear. So that everyone noes im still alive n stuff

1) As I have stressed countless times, the MICANs are really friendly so well, we have been integrating more into the MICAN life. it is just too tiring though, to socialize all the time, so for today, me n jo n ken are back to our reclusive inner selves. i need at least 8 hrs of slp everyday, no matter what.

2) some lingo that Indians use:

    a) “GOOD FUN” it’s good fun, it’s good stuff, everything is good something. REALLY?

    b) do “ONE THING”, eg: “do one thing, go and fill up this form now.”

   c) “HAR” this is the hindi word to “yes” i think. and sometimes they say it really loudly, eg, “so you write P this way?” “HAR!”. the three of us have gotten to screaming HAR in succession like three little retards. i think this is what people do when they have too much time. we are really retarded aren’t we?

3) Prof Ang Peng Hwa is coming to see us! For those not in the know, Prof Ang is the dean of SCI. OH my god he is so nice can. this is an excerpt of the email he wrote to Me, Joanne and Kenneth:

Dear Kenneth, Jasmine and Mui Hean,

Three of you are at MICA? Excellent.

Well, even better, I’d like to take you guys out for dinner–either Friday or Saturday. It will be non-veg. 🙂

I’d prefer to have dinner on Saturday as I expect the meetings to be over by 6 pm and then after that I head to the airport while you folks head for home.

On the issue of funds, sure. I will leave on Thursday night so you should get your funds to me before then.

Ang Peng Hwa

HE IS SO NICE!!!!! HE KNOWS WE NEED MEAT AND HE IS COMING TO INDIA TO GIVE US MEAT! okie lah, that is not his reason for coming here (it’s for official stuff of course, since he is on MICA’s governing council and is one of the founding persons of the school.) Oh well, but it rocks anyways. We have secretly gotten around to calling Prof Ang “ah hwa!” and we think to invite him for a game of bridge. As usual, you can tell that all this stems from the heady combination of wild imagination and boh-liaoness. Anws, Mui Hean is Joanne’s chinese name so yup

Hmm i think that’s all that has happened in my oh-so-exciting life so far. I’ll be going to GOA next week (with ken and jo) so yay! 17th to 23rd Jan. maybe i will have my summer fling with a cute rajah afterall. okies, den again maybe not. I KNOW what being too hopeful is ok! lol. Being an exchange student ROCKS man. for anyone who is contemplating whether u should go overseas, aiyah what the heck just go lah! it’ll open your eyes in more ways than one! Gonna end here now

P/s: i think ah hwa is going to be our neighbour cuz in one of the email exchanges, he says there are no available hotels cuz of some kite festival that is happening this weekend! isn’t that cool! my neighbour the DEAN! goodness, the thought of it makes me feel so pompous, high and mighty! hoho

Love ya’ll



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