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Baby Ong… coming to you in December 2013

4 Aug , 2013  

Hi everybody!

It has been many years since I last wrote an article or blog entry, and there has been no better impetus for me to do so than now. I am preggers! About 4.5 mths along now with Baby Ong.

I know I told all of you, my friends, that Pips and I had no intention to be addressed as mom and pop just yet, but Baby Ong just happened! Erm, this is what happens when one is not careful! hahha. It’s a happy surprise though, and now, as my tummy grows bigger, Pips and I are getting more excited to welcome Baby Ong into the world this December!


Look, that’s my 4.5 mths pregnant tummy! In pregnancy speak (for pregnancy, we count in weeks, not months. 40 weeks for a full term pregnancy), I am 20 weeks along now, almost 21 weeks, right at the halfway mark.

So far, I haven’t had any bad pregnancy episodes (cross fingers!) of horror puking stories, loss of appetite or anything so thank goodness for that! I do feel breathless though, especially after a meal, and squeamish whenever I smell things that doesn’t agree with me (like a fresh paint job). There was this one time when Pips was trying to be funny and blew hard into my mouth while kissing me. My face changed colour and I nearly retched. Pips was horrified naturally, That bugger LOL.

Since we are at the halfway mark, Pips and I have been to the gynae a couple of times. Baby is developing well, and is very active in the womb. At 18 weeks, that was the first time I felt the baby moving. (Take a guess at the baby’s gender!) Initially, the feelings are pretty fleeting and soft. I think it can be best described as popping bubbles or popcorn in your tummy. You wouldn’t be too sure if it’s your stomach churning or gastric juices, but with time, you will realise that this feeling is different from what you have felt your whole life before you became pregnant. It’s pretty cool.

Now, the baby’s movements are stronger than when I first felt it at 18 weeks. I can also feel the baby’s kicks when I place my hands on my tummy (19 weeks) and can also see my tummy moving (as if it was jabbed from the inside) when the baby kicks strongly.

I know babies kick, punch and roll, but so far, I think this baby kicks more than he rolls, cuz I feel little jabbing motions all the time. For would-be moms, do you know that if your baby is more active in the womb, your baby would also be more likely to be active after he/she is born?

Anyway, back to Baby Ong’s gender. We first found out baby’s gender at 19 weeks when we went for a genetic ultrasound scan at Camden Medical Centre, which our hospital (NUH) doesn’t offer. The genetic ultrasound is pretty cool, and offers a detailed scan of your baby’s development which normal hospital facilities do not have. I recommend would-be parents to go for this genetic ultrasound scan if you want to scan for any birth defects but do not want to go through amniocentesis. More on that in a later post.

Anyway, the indian doctor was really funny. His straight-talking nature really reminds me of Amb Tony Siddique hahah. While scanning halfway, he suddenly pointed to the screen, and said, “See, this is the kukubird”, and that, my friends, is how I know the baby’s gender! hahah.

Yup, so Baby Ong is a boy. Quite excited to welcome little Baby Ong to our family this December, and who knows, he just might share his daddy’s birthday if he so chooses to be! Guess this baby is quite a little fighter, and a very lucky baby, with lots of godmas to dote on him as well as Pips and my family.

Love ya’ll

Pips and Jasmine

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