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17 Apr , 2009  

I will be heading off to Australia the day after my exams! Talk about cool, talk about being a jetsetter! I am a little concerned though, whether this will clash with interviews and stuff… So I must remember to:

1) Activate my phone to Pay as you roam in case I receive important calls. I will reject all other calls that are deemed unimportant unless you offer to pay my bills,which is unlikely, I know. Recession….
2) Wash my clothes before I fly (if there’s time)

Hmm… Nothing much is up otherwise. Kinda excited to see Pips tomorrow. It’s been like 5 days! The longest so far? Heh. The cutie was checking out locations of flats to buy. How can I NOT love him?

In other news, Australia should be fun if Boo and I don’t tear each other’s hair out by the end of it haha…




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