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25 Jan , 2007  

Hey guys!                                                                                                              2nd Jan 2007

I am no longer at Mumbai, and have shifted to Ahmedabad, capital of Gujarat! So yep, I am at MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad), my school for the next 6 months!

Im staying at the dorm SilverOak with Joanne as my roomie and Kenneth is staying at Palash, which is v near our hostel!


We took a domestic flight to Ahmedabad, and it is an hour’s flight away, so perhaps the distance is like from Singapore to KL (tt’s wad Ken says, so I trust him). At the airport, on the runway area, we saw a dog okie! Boonei, I think you’ll be very happy in India. I’m always telling everyone you have Indian blood anyways, and there are so many Phoebes lying on the road. I honestly think you’ll be v happy here HAHAH

Before the flight though, we took a cab to the airport. You know beggars ask for money from outside cabs right? Well this time, when we stopped at one of the traffic lights, there were this trannies/cross dressers coming to us asking for money from outside the cab. Kenneth was sitting to my left, and Joanne to my right.

Since I was in the middle of the both of them, I was quite safe when the Saris-dressed men with manly voices asked for money from outside the cab’s window. Okie guys, note this down carefully, gender is important here! let me start w dearest Kenneth.

The tranny looked at Kenneth, blew kisses at Kenneth and said I love you to Kenneth all in the space of one minute! I think Ken was quite frightened by all the attention that the tranny lavished on him! Hahah. I was beside Ken the whole time, trying v hard to stifle my laughter in case the tranny decides to attack me! Im a girl you see, I don’t have the protection of being a male cuz the tranny wont like me!

We declined to give money, so well, as a parting gift, the tranny sort of lifted/touched Kenneth’s chin while saying I love you. Kenneth was shocked and I was as usual, trying not to laugh (yet). Meanwhile, Joanne got a knock on the head from her horrible tranny who didn’t like her cuz she was a girl. Talk abt preferential treatment man tsk tsk! Both of them declined money, but Ken had so much love while Jo got a knock on the head!

Later on during the trip, I was laughing my ass off, and so was Jo. Ken as usual looked stunned. Poor babe. He was nursing a cold from the day before (the attack of the sinus bug). Then he had the sari-man’s overwhelming love (which of course, I don’t think he appreciated much).  Oh let me continue with another thing that happened. I think Ken had the most happening New Year’s eve man!

As we spent New Year’s eve in a new land again, Ken got invited to a “party”! after we received welcomes from the remaining hostelites on campus, Jo and I went to our dorm and slacked and showered after dinner, while Kenneth went back to his dorm. When Jo and I were so comfy, chatting away on MSN, our first signs of longtime connectivity to Singapore, Kenneth suddenly appeared at our door.

Like a ghost he entered our room, bearing a somber msg: “ I came here to tell you guys that the boys (the boys from his neighboring dorms/rooms in his hall Palesh) want to party and they said, “let’s go drag the girls out.”

Jo and I stopped all activity for the news to sink in.  Then we started on a madcap flurry to mute our laptops, close our door and switch off the lights. We just traveled and packed up and all we wanted was a quiet new year’s eve and to talk to our friends and families on MSN and to unpack our stuff! Surely we didn’t want to party so hard on the first day that we reach campus! Too tired lah! Guess it is a nice gesture on their part though. Hope they don’t think we’re being unfriendly or anything.

Anyways ken decided to go back to join the guys and tell them we were sleeping. Brave soul. My heart weeps at his gallantry! Hahah…okies that sounded so fake! Hahah. Hmm so off ken went, trotting off despite his cold. I mean if anyone of you ever saw Kenneth Chia Mu Mao before,  he lives like a monk ok! He’s turning vegetarian. Sleeps little, like 5/6 hrs a day, wakes up early, eats healthy, no soft drinks/sweets etc, living a secular lifestyle, no gfs, no romantic liaisons no nothing… and yet there were these 23/24 yr old guys who are like really friendly but party animals! Hahah..how could monkish ken ever survive?!?

Anyways, when Ken was gone, me and Jo decided to be the nice girls tt we truly are, and bless him with our appearance. We decided to save him from committing boos boos agst monk hood. So off me n jo went, trotting off to Palash where Ken was.

There, we were greeted by the guys who were blasting funky music, drinking n smoking! Hahha.. all this while booze is banned in MICA and smoking disallowed except for allotted smoking areas! Totally funky man! And there is veggie-loving, Chinese songs-loving, kbox king Ken! The poor guys prob thought Ken was a wild party animal because his hair is cut in a totally funky style, where the back of his hair is short at the left side and slopes to long hair at the other side!

Ken drank w the guys abit, like 3 glasses of vodka coke I think. We counted down to 2007 with the guys. 10 9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1 it’s 2007! Happy New Year (albeit 2 and a half hrs slower than Singapore, so this year, I had two happy new years. Surely a good sign huh!) then Jo and I retreated to our room with Ken in tow!

Back at our dorm, Ken’s face was totally red!


Lol… a pic of Ken’s red face! Given his strict monk lifestyle, one may never get another shot of him like tt again…but I think I maxed out my quota of posting pics this mth so shall see how den… lol… I was online at tt time, talking to Khaiyan, so I asked ken to talk to khai Yan on msn too. Apparently he kept on telling her “ky I think im gg to die in India.” Poor Kenneth! A big grown boy and he needs two nice girls to protect him! Lol

So that sums up new year’s eve for Kenneth.. nursing his cold while being downed with booze and partying, and all this after being molested by a sari-man! Hahah.. poor Ken indeed but he totally provided hoots of laughter for Joanne and me. Good Kenneth. Funny Kenneth.


The weather here is relatively different from Mumbai.  It is drier here and the temperature is cooler here. Mumbai can get pretty hot, though not scorching (it is winter afterall), but here it is much cooler! In the day it can be warm, but not hot, and at night it is chilly! The first night that Jo and I were here, we had no blankets, no bedsheets no nothing.

Actually jo has bedsheets. She brought her whole house from Singapore to Mumbai, and now, Ahmedabad. Her household items have traveled great distances. She even brought an iron to Changi airport but had to get her parents to take it home cuz her luggage was SERIOUSLY MAJORLY overweight. She’s so funny!

So as I was saying, that night, it was freezing cold man! Jo had two bedsheets so she loaned me one and I used it as a blanket. But still it’s damn cold. Our fan was switched on the lowest mode, and I woke up in the middle of the night, and my toes were freezing. It’s damn cold lah. We went to buy bedsheets and quilts and household items yesterday though, and Jo and I spent the whole evening cleaning our room and washing part of our clothes. Mummy, I really feel like a housewife now!


The students here are really smart! Apparently, MICA is a damn hard school to get into. This is an extract from an email that Vanessa(comm studies Vanessa) wrote to me : On my tour group in Egypt, there was a family from Delhi, India. When I mentioned that you guys were going MICA, the children who were about the same age as us were super flipped hearing about MICA! Apparently, it's like a super difficult school to get into!! Heehee...”

Yep that sums it all up. Joanne and I are like the babies here I think, cuz the people are like aged 22 onwards. Most of them are like 22 or 23 (for 1st yr students). It is a post grad, MASTERS course, what do you expect! Goodness, I just hope I wont be last in class. Damn sian can. Oh well, at least I can boast to pp back in Singapore, “yeah I was attending Masters courses when I was 20, hmm right abt when you’re in the middle of ur undergrad degree…” hahah sounds so damn smart!

There are not many students here these few days as it is still school holidays. Only a couple of them. Joanne and I stay at an international hostel called Silveroak (nice name yeah!) (not many internationals here I think. The internationals staying at our hostel include visiting professors from other countries etc) while Kenneth stays at Pahlesh, a boys dorm.

Okies as usual im gonna end here now… till the next time!

Lotsa love



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