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A Blessed day – the BOTTOMS UP approach

3 Sep , 2007  

After a long hiatus from blogging, I’m deciding to update on my life today, a truly extraordinary day in all the wrong ways.

TODAY is such a BAD LUCK day for me! My day started off on the absolute WRONG note. In the morning at 6 bloody 15 am, my mom’s bloody hp rang shrilly. I woke up with a startle and had to grudgingly fumble in my mom’s bag for her bloody alarm since she slept on soundly beside me. In my fumbling, i pressed some key; the hp went silent n i went back to sleep.

Some time later, the bloody alarm started again while i was drifting off to slp. FREAK. I woke up again, opened my eyes WIDE (as best as I could at that ungodly hr. Teachers, you have my full respect) to see the options on the hp interface before noting the two options available to me: snooze and ok. i clicked on ok so that the alarm wouldn’t ring again.

Then i proceeded to plop my tired and distressed body on the bed to sleep. Surprise surprise, the alarm rang a 3rd bloody time. Totally pissed off by now (my blood pressure having risen to a somewhat dangerous level), i switched the entire bloody hp off. In fact, my mom should be glad i didn’t peel off her battery n throw the wretched hp out of the window.

Typically, a Lee is not known for being very gracious when their sleep is being disturbed. You should just see my brother Nick LEE. He is the ABSOLUTE BEST. A MASTER of GROUCHINESS when his sleep is disturbed, born with the unique ability of sleeping through all sorts of noises. There was once when he set 3 different alarms at staggered timing to wake him up from an afternoon nap. He didn’t wake up to any of them and it pissed the hell outta me cuz the alarms just rang and rang. I proceeded to place an alarm clock right beside his left ear, his right ear, and above his head, and still he didn’t wake up. And no, he is not deaf. Not at all. And whenever he begs me to wake him up from a nap cuz he needs to do his homework (he needs to beg cuz anyone with half a brain will refuse to take up that dirty job of waking him up. You’ll see why), I will refuse. And then I will relent. And so I will try to wake him up. The most recent incident was one where I asked him to wake up and he woke up, asked me to get lost in a super irritated tone, and said, “You’re champion at irritating me.” ahhh my wonderful bro, the Master of sleep-deficient-inspired-grouchiness.

Back to my sad life story. i plonked back into my bed and tried sleeping BUT i think my blood pressure rose too quickly during the alarm moments earlier, and i couldn’t sleep no matter how hard i tried. 6 bloody 30 am. I wasn’t due to wake up for another hour. Oh sweet sweet life of mine..

The rest of my sch time passed by peacefully enough. The resulting aftermath of the morning alarm scandal was that i was super tired in sch and drank 3 cups of coffee (last week, i kept falling asleep in class; apparently one cup isn’t quite enough) in a brave, last ditch attempt to give my beloved professor, Ms Jasmine LEE’s undivided attention.

My efforts paid off. During the lecture, i stayed awake (power of 3 coffees) but the natural side effect was that of a walking zombie. Functioning body with missing brain type unoe. Quite a startling change from my usual intelligent self. All I wanted then to go home and be a sleeping beauty. Being Princess Jasmine is just not good enough.

But my ordeals of the day didn’t end just yet. It was raining and i had to take a bus home. Sucks man. u noe how much i hate taking buses and walking, esp when i have to leave my bike at the station. Left with no alternative though, i took a bus, but wasnt sure which bus to take: 358 or 359. From past experience, i took a wrong bus before n ended up at some gay place. My womanly instinct kicked in though, and told me tt it was 359. So i took it.

After traveling for a damn long time, i realized tt i wld technically have reached my stop alr. Horrified and pissed at my bad judgment, i stalked off the bus at the next possible stop and checked the directory.

Well guess what?

I was on the right bus afterall.

So i waited and took the next 359 bus again, and two stops later, the bus reached the interchange. HUH???? HOW COME??? The same feeling of horror began to well up and i approached the bus uncle asking, “这辆巴士没有停在xx啊?”, to which thankfully, the uncle replied, “有,你不要下车咯”.

Apparently, in the time I was in India, 359 revamped to drive two different loops n at the bus interchange, there are 2 different 359 bus stops for the 2 routes. Wowee. I just spent half an hr on a bus ride that would have otherwise wasted ONLY 10 mins of my life (exc. waiting time for more exact figures).”

And while I was walking home, I slipped and fell cuz my stupid sandals’ friction ability is long gone. Landed FLAT on my butt and the left of my elbow (the funnybone ya noe? which doesnt feel qt as funny as it prob sounds). I swear I broke a few bones, suffered a hairline fracture and metatarsal crack on my elbow bone. Seriously man.

When I finally reached home after lifting my legs damn high for the rest of the treacherous trek home, (dont want to fall down again) I proceeded to slp on a cold rainy day.

Seriously, it is so blissful to be at home in nice clean clothes, sleeping the day away. Except for the coffee. Yeah. The 3 cups of coffee. CRAP man seriously. I dunno whether to be happy that the coffee worked its magic, or to cry becuz the one thing i wanted most then was stolen by the caffeine.

So after tossing and turning, I FINALLY decided to make myself happy by eating. A hungry man is an angry man unoe. I ordered the Rosemary Chicken pizza hut combo (for 4-6pax) and added the beef meatballs. Bill came up to abt 50 bucks. Lest u think im a piggy, i din eat it by myself okies. Benji, Nick and I finished everything so yeah, I guess each of us ate abt 2 person’s share considering the add-ons too hahah! The Rosemary chicken pizza didnt taste quite as fantastic as the pics looked though. ahhh the power of advertising huh. Although the spicy drumlets were superb.

Hmm full and satiated, it was 7pm accdg to my watch. I set my alarm for 730 tom, hoping to wake up only the next morning for sch. I settled down comfortably and felt myself lulling into a slumber, as what a full meal usually does.

And then at 730, an alarm rang. And rang. And rang. I thought it was Benji’s and refused to switch it off. For pete’s sake, I was like how comfortable snuggling in bed by myself. But NOBODY in the hse switched off the alarm, and pissed off, I got up to realize that the alarm was set by me for tom. As my alarm clock didn’t have an am/pm function, it just rang at 730. What a stupid clock. FREAK.

A visibly sleep deficient jasmine


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  1. Cel says:

    yo galz! I really understand how you feel..it’s just on of those days when everything just seems to go all wrong~ Yup i had 2 suay days last week too …haha rest well k!

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