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20 May , 2007  

Bonjour tout les mondes

Hahah people crack me up all the time. Today, Kenneth and Hamster Jo cracked me up. Kenneth, Joanne and I had lunch as usual at the mess in school. Main Course was Palak Paneer (spinach and cottage cheese) and Rajma (beans in gravy). Now palak paneer may sound v continental when i put it as spinach and cottage cheese, but let the words not fool you. MICA’s canteen version of it is smashed/mashed spinach with little square chunks of paneer (cottage cheese) in it. So what you see is pieces of small paneer floating or doused in a sea of pulpy spinach ( no more leaves, no more stalk) cooked in oil.

As many people know, I’m not one to care that much about what I eat or how unhealthy it is. Just during lunch, I was thinking about buying Lays Sour Cream and Onion to snack on. So what happened during lunch that cracked me up was Kenneth looking at me with a most serious expression on his face, bearing the very solemn words that follow thus,

“Should I eat the palak paneer? I mean it is not very healthy right? (a short pause here. Kenneth is seriously debating with his own inner turmoil. Me with my eyes widening) But I’m still very hungry, and if I don’t eat this, I know I’ll be very hungry, but it is not very healthy. (Face looks a little pinched. At a momentary loss of what to do. Me: my eyes have widened enough, I look at him in a rather incredulous manner and said, “Kenneth you surprise me hahahhahahah” before cracking into laughter.)

Hmm hahah Yah yah i know I am quite bad, forever laughing at other people. Hmm I guess it is good that Kenneth is so conscious about what he eats, his lifestyle is ten million times healthier than mine! But oh well, for someone like me, it is quite hard to understand how someone can lead such a disciplined lifestyle! Bought this little horoscope book sometime back. It says that an Aries has much to learn from a Piscean and I think this is totally true. Ken’s patience, niceness, sensitivity etc, OH MY, there’s so much to learn from him. If i get past the incredulity that is.

Oh another thing that cracked me up was Hamster Jo. That is self explanatory, cuz everyone who knows her know that she is a bimbo. And so the story goes that Bimbo Jo is going off to Laos this coming tuesday for CIP. She is bringing a mini hair dryer with her to Laos ( i’m not even sure whether they have like electricity where she is going). I told her to bring more important stuff like mozzie repellent and powder. And here is an excerpt of our convo:

Hahah a true blue bimbo right. Who the hell thinks of foundation when we talk about bringing powder to Laos on a CIP trip??? Hahah heehee… Like I told you over MSN jolyn, this post is dedicated to you my love!


Hmm other than the 2 funny persons today, Jo and I have been attending this 3 day workshop called transcreativity, a module that is supposed to spark that hidden creative spark in you. It was good fun. I caught a magic show, a traditional Indian puppet show (much similar to wayang kulit/shadow play), attended a short drama session, played Dog and Bone, did coloring, got my hands on pottery etc. A flurry of activities that was fun fun fun! hahah. Will upload pics in the next entry.

Hmm and Joanne and I will be attending the orientation program for the new PGP batch. We’re gonna be taking almost all of the subjects available in a desperate last-ditch attempt to clear our AUs (we have been slacking too much and now, we’re gonna pay. BIG TIME) so guess we’re gonna be pretty busy… Meanwhile Ken is still busy with his advertising thingy. Think he is quite stressed but he has been really hardworking and producing some good work so all’s good!

Yuppers, think i have nothing more to say, being a girl of few words… Yeah this is the real me. OOOh another thing – I was talking to my mom on Mother’s Day, and she was telling me how I’m a bit siao siao, and that no boys will like me like. OH MY!!!!!!!!! She said siao siao not in the Woodbridge way but like I jump around too much and stuff…. What the??? hahah. So now I am on a NO-MORE-JUMPING, NO-MORE-NONSENSE, JASMINE-IS-ALL-ABT-FEMININITY, GRACE-AND-POISE mode. Have to prove my mommy wrong alright. And of course, I shan’t forgive that hooting from Benji in the background. What does he know about real girls man! Please lah I am like how many times more feminine than Kawaii??? His eyes grow on his butt seriously. Still dare to laugh at me for being a tomboy. Hoo boy Benji, you’ve gotta check your eyes out at the optician again baby~

Anws, gonna end here… Oh I caught Meet the Robinsons yesterday with Ken and Jo. Pretty good cartoon movie, typical Disney family fare. Gonna catch The Prestige later (i noe i noe, a few mths later than Singapore but who cares~). Seeya’ll my love!



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