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21st Birthday & Partying at MICA

29 Mar , 2007  


Another long overdue entry and sorry I don’t feel apologetic for it hahah! Blogging ain’t my nature heh. Anws yep, had my REAL 21st birthday in India like 3 days ago (not the fake, mths in advance one in Singapore) but it was a blast anws!

This is soppy and disgusting and totally not my style but Kenneth and Joanne were real nice, compiling birthday messages for me from the MICANs as well as from people back in Singapore. Love you! And to Steps and Hamster Jo, thank you in advance for the parcel and letter! Love you too. To stinky boo who didn’t send me anything, YOU DESERVE TO ROT IN HELL. to the MICANs who probably wont be seeing this blog anws, I’m gonna miss you guys loads and loads and loads!

Pictures say a thousand words, so I’m gonna let the pics do the talking! We gathered at Palaash courtyard at the stroke of midnight where the MICANs gathered and wished me happy birthday. Of course, the real reason was to dunk me in water, which they managed to do so. I couldn’t run fast enough despite my best attempts….

Can you see in the above pic, the last one to the right? Joanne that sucker was just happily looking on while staying far away from me, escaping her almost definite fate of being dunked (being my dearest roomie, tt IS her fate haha. Can’t escape it honey~~) but hoho…. Looks like she couldn’t run fast enough either…


Hmm so after all that dunking, Jo and I got changed and went back to Palaash. Traditionally in MICA, the birthday girl’s best guy friend/ boyfriend will get his ass kicked and smacked by slippers. towel rolled into a whip etc. And dear Kenneth is so skinny that if he really gets his ass kicked the MICAN way, he will positively DIE.

After the birthday dunking, Jo and I changed out of our wet clothes and went back to Palaash. This was where I found a huge chocolate birthday cake waiting for me! haha thanks babes, love love LOVE you guys!



Oh and as can be seen, I had two birthday cakes! One BIG FAT chocolate one and one chota (small) butterscotch cake. Hee… yes boonei Loh shi hui, i can hear u screaming, “pui pui! getting so fat already!” bleah… Oh and to all those who wished me happy birthday back in singapore and over MSN like Douglas from Swissotel, Yang, sister Jason etc, Dunman gang, hamster jo TJ/CS gang etc thanks babes i love all of you back in Singapore too!


Oh and the reason why my hair looks wet is cuz I showered. Yeah I got chased by Noorpu, who wanted to smear cake on my face, and when I wasn’t aware, Arpoova sneaked from behind and smeared chocolate cake on my face. Wasn’t a pretty sight at all hahah. So NOPE, shan’t upload ugly chocolatey face pics here!

Hmm and after the celebration at 12, we headed over to Dinaath’s room for a mini party. It was supposedly Mehak’s post bday bash but i think it is just a reason to have some good old fun, some dancing, some pizza, and some booze hahah. Here are the pics~


Hahah yeah… there were some bangra moves and it was just good old fun with everyone dancing in bathroom slippers, tee-shirts and shorts. As can be seen, Jo’s face is v v v red! As I’ve mentioned before, Jo’s and Ken’s face turn red v easily~ And I dunno wad Mehak and Spandan (the guy) were doing but basically, they were just trying to balance themselves haha. Hmm had a little hangover the next day though which sucked but otherwise it was okie! Zonked out the moment I reached my hostel.

Hmm then on the ACTUAL day of 26th, the 3 of us went to this coffee joint called Mocha which has a really nice ambience and they served some awesome shakes. Rahul, Kimi, Arpoova and Noorpu joined us later. We also smoked Sheesha pipe (rites of passage of being 21!, rose-flavored, the mildest form). Rahul aka teddy bear said, “very mild, very mild”.


I dunno abt the mildness but sheesha piping isn’t all that fantastic I think (maybe cuz it was too mild, & also cuz I had only a few puffs). It shd be better than cigarette smoking though, cuz it is fruitier and Arpoova said that it “tasted” nice. Hmm Jo was like a seasoned pro at sheesha smoking despite having never tried it before. I tell you, she has smoker’s blood in her can! And fine fine, I admit it, I coughed. It was itchy can. I didn’t like hack away but just a gentle little cough lol. And did you guys catch Kenneth’s new hair? It is in the above pic. Don’t think you can see v clearly but it is shorter with the side ponytail intact. He had a crazy hairstyle and getup for his birthday like one week plus ago… Check it out~

Yeah feel free to laugh. Joanne and I rolled over the floor laughing at his expense. And no, Jo and I didn’t bother to dress weirdly like Kenneth, and yes, Kenneth IS weird, as I’ve told him countless times hahah.

Hmm back to my birthday. Yeah after the meal at Mocha’s, Rahul gave me a ride back on a motorbike (Harshvijay’s motorbike, Jo’s王子). It was quite nice feeling the wind in your face and stuff cuz the weather is so freaking hot these days, hitting 35 degrees and up. Siao lah… Jo and I are ABSOLUTELY dying from the heat. Hmm yup, that marks the end of my birthday celebration. Shall have another one tt shows party pics at the party held on 27th March~

Lotsa Love



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  1. Sriharsh Mallela ( Ham) says:

    Nice blog you got here Jasmine .. was facing a problem posting a comment on your earlier post so posting here.. Thanks for the nice comments 🙂 .. Hopefully you will have fun in the remaining time you spend there ..the juniors will come to MICA around 19th May i suppose ..so the place will be lively again .. i am currently enjoying my vacation .. cheers

  2. jasmine says:

    hello HAM! hahah how did you find this blog! so funky! we just came back from Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. DELHI TOTALLY ROCKS! NOONE TOLD ME IT’s THIS FANTASTIC!!!!! hahah… when are you going to beautiful chennai?

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