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OPSH – Upping the glam in wardrobes

7 Jan , 2016  

Hey guys,

The long awaited double promotion post exclusive to readers is finally ready! So stay with me, because at the end of this post, I am going to announce the special promotion exclusively for you that runs for a limited time only! This post is for OPSH, and you can read about Eubiq here. To read the generic overview and review of the two products which I previously wrote, click here!

So if you haven’t heard about OPSH, man, you’ve been missing out dude. OPSH is a local company and brand that deals with pole system wardrobes. They even do pole system office setups and offer a pretty damn neat kitchen as well. But I ain’t gonna talk about what else they offer. Today, I am only going to concentrate on one thing – and that is the wardrobe they carry!

(1) Walk-in wardrobe WITHOUT the dust – OPSH pole system modular wardrobe is a dream wardrobe for lazy asses like me. A walk-in wardrobe is the fantasy of many women and some men, but trust me, they are frigging high maintenance, and unless you are prepared to wipe and dust your weekends away, you can kiss that dream goodbye!

Dreams do come true sometimes my friends!

BUT the sleek pole system by OPSH can let you live that dream without the dust; it is customizable to any height, length and depth you desire, and is optional with a sliding glass door to keep the nasty dust out. My wardrobe is made of the standard depth which I am happy with, but if you wish for a more “walk-in” feel, just increase the depth of your wardrobe so that you can literally walk into your wardrobe and close the doors behind you. Beautiful! This is your chance to own a wardrobe that you will love looking at every single day.

(2) Excellent Material– I am soooooo glad I decided not to be a cheap ass. I am soooo glad I got OPSH instead of the regular custom-built wardrobe (only for my room lah! Not so rich to get it for all rooms!). When comparing the two, the difference in quality and build is definitely there, and this is not to say that my regular, inbuilt wardrobes for the two common rooms are cui. They are standard material across all IDs and contractors. The wood used for OPSH is much more solid than my other wardrobes, and it doesn’t feel as if the wood will sag under the weight of clothes over time.

Processed with MOLDIV

If you have the chance to feel the two wardrobes, you will know the difference instantly!

For those with IKEA modular wardrobes, you will know exactly what I mean. At my mom’s house, I had an IKEA wardrobe with those nifty pull out drawers and everything which I love for its functionality. However, the chip board bent rather horribly over the space of 3 years or so, and I have to resort to overturning the planks in order to balance it out. This is a massive task as you can tell, cuz you frigging have to take out all your clothes and put them back again. Mega sian.

In my current common bedroom wardrobes, the wood feels abit like that, hollow and thin. I could step on it to reach higher shelves, but when Pips spotted me doing that, I received a chiding from him lol. Obviously it was not out of fear for my safety that I kena scolded, he was just worried about the integrity of his wardrobe! Yeah girls, this is life after marriage, not romantic all the time hor. Don’t say no warning LOL. The sturdiness of the OPSH wood used is zai. It is still plywood though but it is dunno what compressed dunno what thingy. Ok, I am so bad at the technical part of this, but it sounded impressive when Kelvin, the OPSH guy explained it to me, and it certainly feels impressive. You can book an appointment with OPSH to view the wardrobes so you can feel the real thing and know that I am not smoking you.

Beautiful glass door with ‘wood blocks’ – Before deciding which doors to complement the wardrobes (OPSH carries full glass, partial glass, full mirror, full opaque laminated doors etc), Alvin, another OPSH guy, warned me that glass doors are damn high maintenance. And yes it is quite high maintenance for two reasons – (1) The glass doors will retain fingerprints and smudges more obviously than a normal wooden wardrobe door. (2)  if you are an untidy person whose clothes are in a jumbled mess mostly, your messiness will be proudly on display for all and sundry to see hoho.


Despite the ‘warning’, I still decided to opt for a partial glass door, because I couldn’t resist the look of it. And I find that it is quite doable in terms of maintenance. I have some #protips for you here to mitigate those two drawbacks – For (1), I bought Mr Muscle window cleaning solution and those window wipers to get the oily looking smudges off and it did look much better. I also find that using newspaper to wipe it off or those cloths that leave no lint is quite ok too. However, it is not 100% spotless, so if you have some secret protip, please share with me! Somehow I just couldn’t get it perfectly clean, unlike those professional window cleaners. That said, if you are not OCD cleanliness, I think having a few smudges here and there is quite liveable. During these two months, I only cleaned the wardrobe glass once, and that was only because I wanted to take photos for this blogpost hurhur. Generally it is not too bad, really!

In fact, I love the fact that the doors are made of partial glass because at one glance, I know where my clothes are and can slide open the right door once I’ve decided on what I want. The fact that it’s glass also makes everything look so swee and atas! Definitely more Pros than Cons in my opinion.

For (2), Pips will gladly tell you that I am inherently super untidy. I am the type of person who finds order in chaos, and if things are kept too neatly, I will be a little disoriented instead. I am sure most of us know of that someone in life hehe. So a glass door wardrobe should be a big problem for someone like me, but it isn’t, and you know why? It’s because I’ve designed my wardrobe to consist mainly of hanging racks, which minimizes folding and ironing, and makes everything look neat and swee. Win win situation sia! Gotta use some smarts to defeat laziness heh, not bad right?

Customisable modules for your dream wardrobe combination – Purchasing a wardrobe package at OPSH also entitles you to a set number of accessories depending on the length of wardrobe that you choose, which are modules you can pick and choose such as an accessories display drawer, a pull out pants drawer, steel drawer etc. For practicality, I chose the pull out drawers and steel drawers cuz I can store more stuff. Was really tempted to top up for an additional accessories display drawer but Pips thought it was unnecessary money and said there was no need so ok lah. Thou shalt not think about it anymore haha. In terms of wardrobe designs, less shelves, more drawers and hanging racks can help you keep your wardrobe neater and more manageable! Also, because the doors I chose weren’t full glass, it helps to hide away some messiness and makes the overall design more interesting visually.


Excellent Finishing – Compared to my other wardrobe, the laminate of OPSH looks and feels much more luxurious and well done. You know how you always get the feeling that laminates will peel away after some time (especially the interiors of wardrobes, because they are just not as nice as exterior ones?) You won’t get this with OPSH. Shan’t say more, see pics below

Processed with MOLDIV

The pics don’t do the look and feel justice though!

Reusability and reliability – With people always hoping to upgrade eventually, OPSH can be money saving! Sure, you spend more money on the initial outlay, BUT if you do shift house, you can take your entire OPSH system with you to your new home because it is modular! In fact, the drawer that I chose for my accessories can be pushed out of my wardrobe and into my bedroom to be used as a standalone drawer if I so wish. Good deal hor!

To have a complete review, I must also say the things I don’t like about OPSH, which includes the discussion on the glass door (both a pro and con) earlier.

Due to the configuration of my wardrobe, the accessories(drawers) I chose were 80cm wide, whereas my door width is 70cm I think. This makes it annoying to open the drawers everytime I  wanna retrieve something from it, because I have to slide open more than 1 door to retrieve it. To be fair, Alvin advised me of this annoyance, but Pips and I thought we could deal with it. On a daily basis, it is indeed more annoying than we thought. Luckily for you, I don’t present problems without thinking about solutions – You can either get a 60cm wide accessories or choose a bigger wardrobe so that your doors are at least 80cm. There, problem solved! You’re welcome.

Another minor con is that when the wardrobe was first set up, I had a long day trying to clean the grooves of the OPSH track. I wanted everything to be perfectly clean and beautiful but there were lots of teeny sediments inside the grooves. Urgh. I was manually flicking the sediments out and sweeping the damn dust and sediments. Took me damn long. When I finally bought a powerful vacuum cleaner, BOOM, it sucked up the dust and sediments quickly in a jiffy. Dots…. I should have bought my vacuum cleaner earlier. So this is not a big deal, but just note that a powerful vacuum cleaner can do the trick easily!

Other than the above, I have nothing much that is bad to say about OPSH because I truly love it! We even got spotlights to shine on the wardrobe which really lights it up and gives it a nice warm glow. Totally recommend it!



This is what you have been waiting for – the OPSH promo!

OPSH will be giving away a FREE ADDITIONAL accessory ( 2-tier chrome basket drawer, 3 tier drawer with a top lock, pullout pants rack etc) for those who quote JASHUAT when purchasing the OPSH system, so this is a mega good deal! Imagine, you can get the accessories display case that I wanted for FREEEEEEEE! It is damn worth it! OPSH doesn’t usually run discounts (do they ever?) so this is an especially good deal, coupled with the fact that their original prices are pretty reasonable already (friend did research and told me that). This lasts until end February, so please go book your trip to OPSH to check out what they have, no obligations!

Do share this good lobang with your friends and families. Share the good deals mah, don’t just keep it to yourself! If you have any questions, feel free to comment here!


*This post is partially sponsored by Eubiq and OPSH*


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