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#Rounduplah @ Timbre!!!

4 Nov , 2016  

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Where in this world can you have a smashing good time, fill up your belly and still be a good Samaritan for the day?

Look no further guys! I’m suuuuuper excited (and also proud, because this was the work project that I was working on before I gave birth) to share with all of you a new microgiving campaign at Timbre!

What is microgiving, you ask? Microgiving is an exciting new concept and way of giving, which basically rides on the power of the masses. It is where many people each make convenient, tiny donations, that all adds up to something substantial. And this super sexy way of giving is exactly how we are raising funds at Timbre for sick children (paediatric patients) in need of financial aid. Hopefully, this concept of microgiving catches on in Singapore and can be rolled out to more varied partners and platforms, and transform the giving culture in Singapore!


So how does microgiving work at Timbre? All you have to do is eat and chill as usual at Timbre, and party it up with your friends. No fancy gimmicks or confusing processes involved, promise!

Ever the supportive hubby, Pips (after some arm-twisting LOL) drove the Jashuats to Timbre @ Gilman Barracks where we had a terrific time with our buddy, Auntie Boo. When we were finally done with dinner, our bill was presented to us and the ever friendly Timbre staff asked if we would like to round up our bill to the nearest $10. Of course we said “YES, #ROUNDUPLAH!!!” Below is a pic of our receipt, and you can see how simple and absolutely fuss-free it is to donate to a worthy cause!

This is our bill at Gilman Barracks with Boo. LOL. I guess for 3 pax, we ate quite alot! As you can see, our bill was $111.82 and we rounded it up to $120. Check out that cute #rounduplah stamp! Heheh

TIMBRE @ GILMAN: Back when I was a young yuppie fresh out in the workforce, I used to hang out with my colleagues and friends at Timbre @ Substation or Switch. Location is central, food, booze and music are awesome, what more can a young lady ask for? Now that I’ve two young bubs though, where I’m more in tune with Let It Go (can someone please save me from that frigging FROZEN song?) than top 100 billboard hits, Gilman Barracks is more my thing, and it’s easy to see why!

Every Saturday and Sunday, Gilman Barracks hosts an event which is called Super Social BBQ @ Timbre. This is when the place is turned into a children haven and serves certain special BBQ items fresh from the grill station. Activities such as face painting, bouncy castles (NOT ONE BUT TWO! WOW!), colouring stations, and a large  lawn for kids to run amok safely are run every weekend. It’s every parents’ dream come true (we only ask for the kids to be occupied)!


img_8214Bouncy Castles to keep the kids entertained!

img_8208Is it me or does the above photo look a tad too Halloweenish for comfort? LOL. Other than putting my obviously poor photography skills on display, this pic does show the ample space for kids to run about @ Gilman. 

The performing bands would also make it a point to (sometimes) sing songs that kids love , and kids are welcome to head up to stage and shimmy it up. It was rather cute to see a bunch of tiny young fans dancing with their uncoordinated moves LOL. When we were there, of course LET IT GO was requested, (sighs) so was Incy Wincy Spider, which had the band flummoxed hehe. Guess the singer isn’t married with kids yet!

img_8216Our newborn rocking out to the music LOL, and supporting the charity drive!

Important Info abt Gilman Barracks
Opening Hours for Social BBQ: 
Saturday: 4pm till 11pm, Sunday: 12noon to 9pm
Address: 9 Lock Rd, 108937
Parking: Ample space, via gantry

Qn1: Which Timbre outlets should I head to? A total of six Timbre outlets across Singapore; Timbre @ The Substation, Timbre @ The Arts House, Timbre+, Barber Shop, Switch, Timbre @ Gilman
Qn2: Who are we raising funds for? 
Sick paediatric patients in need of financial aid. Some young children are afflicted with cancer, some with rare genetic diseases and others with multiple comorbidities. Having come across some of these sick, young children who charge at life ever so courageously, these funds will definitely go a long way in alleviating the financial burden of these young patients and their families. The kids don’t need your pity, but they need your generosity.
Qn3: How much will be raised in total? This totally awesome initiative rides on the power of the masses to raise $50k from Timbre diners, and Timbre Group will then generously match the $50k raised with another 50 grand, bringing the total amount raised to $100k!
Qn4: When will this initiative end its run? This initiative will end once the final target amount of $100k is achieved!
Qn5: For more questions, information brochures on this charity drive is made available at all Timbre outlets

So guys, what are you waiting for? This is the purrrrfect legit excuse to get your family and friends to hit a bar! Good food for a good cause, #maituliao! It’s time to #ROUNDUPLAH!


the Jashuats

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