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17 Mar , 2007  

I’ve got a tattoo done~ Will talk more abt it in the next entry…Meanwhile, enjoy the pic! Yes yes Khai Yan… stop scolding me already! hahah… Oh man… My mom says she wants to talk to me and Benji says my dad’s face turned black. Hoho!

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2nd time Goa: Food, Accomodation and the chill out life

17 Mar , 2007  

OFF TO GOA AGAIN Usually when I eat or experience something wonderful for the first time, experiencing the same thing a 2nd time isn’t quite as good. Perhaps it is the novelty that wears off, perhaps it is just the plain and simple fact that anticipation can’t match up to the experience. However, Goa is […]

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Ken’s Birthday!

14 Mar , 2007  

Okie.. i’ll blog abt Goa after I blog abt Kenneth’s birthday okies? Today, 14th March at the stroke of midnight, is Kenneth Chia Mu Mao’s birthday. I am excited about his birthday for 2 reasons: 1) We get to choose another hotel for a buffet dinner 2) For every MICAN’s birthday, the guy would get […]

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HOLI – my express ticket to DOOMED singlehood

13 Mar , 2007  

Hey all… Sorry I couldn’t upload this entry earlier. WordPress had some freaking problem and i had to go off to Goa so this is a backdated entry – Sunday, 4th March 2007 PROJECTS AND CLASSES Yes I know I haven’t blogged in awhile BUT it is not my fault cuz i’m not predisposed to […]

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My India Address & Valentine’s day

14 Feb , 2007  

If anyone wants to send me love letters, or Bak Kwa etc, this is my address: Mail to: Jasmine Lee MICA, Shela Ahmedabad 380 058 India Silveroak 10 Anyways, today is the loooooveeeeee day for all lovebirds. Yup, it is St Valentine’s day. Jo was asking me yesterday, what day it was today. I immediately […]

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Cost of living in India in 2007

12 Feb , 2007  

Circa 2007 – This is just a short post to let you guys get a feel of the cost of living in india. India can be very easy on the wallet, which means you get alot more bang for your buck! A list of some items below in rupees… For items with conversion rate, it […]

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Rich again! Yippee!

10 Feb , 2007  

Groan~ The terrible effects of the following combination is catching up with me: 1) Curry everyday, several times a day 2) Overdose of salt, sugar, oil and ghee in the cooking 3) Deep fried stuff that is omnipresent in the indian palate The above combination, which I have been consuming daily in a most faithful […]

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Flies, my secret lover and the laundry man

8 Feb , 2007  

FLIES We just went running today, a healthy start to a bright new day! And a few million flies died on us, a not-so-healthy start to a bright new day. Having not exercised for soooo long, we decided to go running today (since we had no classes and no money). We wanted to wake up […]

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slack life

4 Feb , 2007  

Hey…. Oh my GOD… Life is totally blissful here…. We have dropped another subject here in MICA cuz there’s a prerequisite course needed! Hahah.. This exchange program is working out to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG extended holiday man! Yay!!!!!!! We have an 8 day break next week (cuz we’re only taking like 6 subjects?) so technically […]

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short post

3 Feb , 2007  

Little Small updates! The 3 of us are officially broke BUT we still had a good dinner today! Yay HaPpY HaPpY (^_^)!!! This is what I ate today: Breakfast at 830am 3 bowls of cornflakes (in case lunch sucks, I always eat more during breakfast. And that IS NOT an excuse for my gluttony. It […]