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2nd last day in Mumbai – Gonna miss it

25 Jan , 2007  

Hey guys!                                                                                                                                            Saturday 30 Dec 2006Let me recount what happened the last few days! Hmm on Friday, we didn’t do much but pretty much shopped around Colaba Causeway. The shopping here is really good, especially for the cheapo Singaporeans in us! Hahah.. The best bargain of the day belongs to Joanne, who managed to […]

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MSN posting: Mumbai and Seashore Hotel

17 Jan , 2007  

Hey guys                                                                                                                                              27th December 06 ACCOMODATION I am here in India for 6 or 7 days already and it has been quite an experience! There’s so much going on in India I have no idea where to start! Let me start from accommodations first… I am staying at Seashore Hotel (along the Colaba causeway area) […]

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16 Jan , 2007  

Hi diary                                                                                                                                                 Thurs 28th Dec 2006 Today, Joanne, Kenneth and I went to Big Bazaar/High Street Phoenix at Lower Parel, and it was like a big shopping mall. One thing unique/strange in India is that in those big shops like the supermarket in Big Bazaar or like Mango etc, bags are not allowed inside so […]