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Off to e Police Station to lodge a report…

30 May , 2007  

Horrors horrors! After losing my lovely lovely Adidas watch, (which I didn’t make a report… DUH~ cuz i lost it in school) I decided not to take any chances with this. I HAD TO MAKE a police report, otherwise, consequences would be grave. Very, very grave indeed. Thus I shall start today’s entry on a […]

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Of Condolences and Maternal Celebrations

13 May , 2007  

Life is fragile, isn’t it? A gentle breeze and the candle goes out. I’m currently taking RCM courses now and it has been about 3 weeks since I started this course (after our PGP friends left for their summer internships). Just yesterday, 11th May 2007, our friend Rahul came around SilverOak and told Joanne, Kenneth […]

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fuzziness of familarity

10 May , 2007  

You noe… I don’t miss or pine for Singapore that much, considering the fact that I’m not homesick in the least. However, that doesn’t mean that I love Singapore any less. Same goes for my family as well. Haven’t seen mom, Ben or Nick in a looooooong time, and I do miss you guys back home. […]

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Backdated entry – Delhi

2 May , 2007  

Hey all… I’m going off to Diu (a beach place near Ahmedabad, 8 hrs away… SEAFOOD!!!) for a few days so thought I’d better hurry and finish up my Delhi entry… Hmm missing Singapore a little… especially when I feel confused about certain stuff that I myself am not able to understand. Wish I was […]

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Jaipur, Agra and Delhi (1st to 12th April)- The Golden Triangle of India

28 Apr , 2007  

INTRODUCTION Hey guys The 2 weeks trip to the golden triangle of India was wonderful! I felt like I was living the Hong Kong travel tagline – 买东西吃东西买东西吃东西! Woohoo! Now that I’m back from my 2 wk vacation (fine fine… so I am on a permanent 6 mth holiday lol where I don’t study much, grades […]

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Results of Poll Released!

22 Apr , 2007  

Okies, the poll has gone on long enough. Those who want to take part in this little quiz, or have no idea what this poll result is about, kindly refer to the previous blog entry before reading this and you’ll know what I mean. The people who voted were: Benji (my bro), Khai Yan, Camy, Stephanie, […]

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14 Apr , 2007  

Dearest family, friends and anyone who knows of Kenneth, Joanne and Jasmine, please stop for a moment. Let this blog entry test YOUR skill of how well you know the abovementioned dynamic characters. 3 simple questions will be posed, so please cast your votes/answers accordingly. For the benefit of the technologically retarded (Hamster Jo, Pls take note), […]

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MICA Senior Farewell Party & Ken Strikes again! Lol

2 Apr , 2007  

Hey guys The past few days were a flurry of activities: 25th aka 26th March, stroke of midnight: Bday dunking followed by mini party at Dinanaath’s room 26th March: recovering from a li’l hangover followed by an outing to Mocha’s where we tried sheesha pipes~ 27th: MICA senior farewell party 28th: slacking at home, pondering […]

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21st Birthday & Partying at MICA

29 Mar , 2007  

Yoyo… Another long overdue entry and sorry I don’t feel apologetic for it hahah! Blogging ain’t my nature heh. Anws yep, had my REAL 21st birthday in India like 3 days ago (not the fake, mths in advance one in Singapore) but it was a blast anws! This is soppy and disgusting and totally not […]

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2nd time Goa: ShOpPiNg eNtRy, Fake tattoo

19 Mar , 2007  

SHOPPING Hmm okies. So we’re done with food, we’re done with the sea. Now onto the shopping! Goa has lotsa shops along the roads leading to various beaches (Calangute, Baga, Anjuna are more touristy than Arambol beach and thus have more stalls selling more stuff). And Goa is huge. The place itself is bigger than […]