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Aurora’s dreams

3 Oct , 2008  

When she holds on to his hands, her heart sings a little lark song When she hears his words of sincerity, her heart snuggles with a happy sigh When she thinks of him and her, her mind wanders as her lips part into a smile And yet, nothing is certain, for  noone can tell what […]

Personal Musings

If they could dance to the music of their love, they’d be dancing forever under the silvery moonlit night

28 Aug , 2008  

“A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous.” –Ingrid Bergmen “You’re nothing short of my everything.” —Ralph Block “I love her and that’s the beginning of everything.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald

Personal Musings

The little girl and her lost footsteps

19 May , 2008  

She is afraid, and she thinks she knows why. She wishes she could be brave, a lion’s heart in her if there ever was such a thing, but she can’t. She tries, yes, she does. She pushes the swing several times, the little girl that she is, and when the little boy sitting on it […]

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dunno how I ended up writing about and to you, Dear Baldy (:

13 Nov , 2007  

Dear Diary Just had alot of various things weighing on my mind, so I decided to clear my head a little so I could go back to studying. I know I don’t act like it my first paper is tomorrow. You know Baldy, whenever I am troubled, I always think of you. Sometimes,  it seems […]

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6 Jul , 2007  

Hey Everybody I’ve been home for like 2 weeks already. The 1st week of my homecoming, perhaps I thought I was still in India, so I didn’t get ard to reconnecting my hp line. So sorry folks, (like Vanessa, Kenneth, Yuxin zeh zeh etc) if you guys sent me smses, i never received them! Not […]

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Flies, my secret lover and the laundry man

8 Feb , 2007  

FLIES We just went running today, a healthy start to a bright new day! And a few million flies died on us, a not-so-healthy start to a bright new day. Having not exercised for soooo long, we decided to go running today (since we had no classes and no money). We wanted to wake up […]

Personal Musings

1st Post

16 Jan , 2007  

Dear Diary                                                                    Nov 29 2006 Forgive me for using the words “dear diary” as an opening statement in the world of blogs, but it just feels weird using “Dear Blog” as an opening statement, doesn’t it? Hmm Anyways, when i was little, I read somewhere that it is always good to introduce yourself in a […]