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What I wish for you to know

7 Feb , 2015  

As bubs cry for the second time tonight (thankfully I’m still wide awake Cuz it’s only 9.45pm now), searching for his comfort suckle, I quickly scoop him up and cradle him. He nurses easily and naturally in the warm embrace of my arms. Would be better if he doesn’t perspire buckets from where his head […]

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The Sleep War

20 Oct , 2014  

#10m0 #babysleep #babiesarethecutestwhentheyresleeping #nopleasegotobed #cryinggrownmanaintcute Since becoming a mom, I finally, finally know what it means by 24 hours in a day ain’t enough. Tried to put the 10 mo bubs to sleep for his afternoon nap but the little bugger refused to. On the other hand, Pips and I were all ready to crash on […]

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Newborn Sleep: Helping your newborn to differentiate day and night

10 May , 2014  

#throwback #newborn The first night that Ray was born, he was kept in my hospital suite so I could bond with him and breastfeed him. I was very glad and happy that this was the arrangement at NUH, as I felt it was my duty and responsibility as Ray’s mom to have him spend as […]

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Ray, why you no sleep?????

8 May , 2014   Video

#4 months and 3 weeks old The little critter is now out of his crib and on my bed. He looks around the room inquisitively, hands outstretched and legs high up in the air. Finally, his gaze meets mine and immediately, bebe beams a big one at me, breaking into his toothless, gummy smile.